Before & After

See work spanning months or decades from Advanced Painting class artists side by side giving the unique opportunity to trace the growth, experimentation, and breakthroughs that are part of the trajectory of a painter. More Info

2017 Residency

Our 2017 Residency reflects a dynamic group of socially minded and collaborative individuals. This year our collaborations throughout the nation and around the world continue as we support and promote Chicago as a world class arts destination. More Info

Phantom of the Opera

Join us for this collaboration Comfort Station of the Phantom of the Opera (1925) with live score by Echo Haus and Special Guest Zoog Von Rock of Angel Spit. More Info

Jan Tichy

Installation no.21 illuminates Hyde Park Art Center's facade through the notion of a lit window and its relationship to the immediate neighborhood. On view after 8pm 

Mary King & Not Just Another Pretty Face

Lori Waxman at the Chicago Tribune praised Not Just Another Pretty Face (closes Feb 5) and Mary King's War Stories (closes Jan 22) as 2 of 3 noteworthy shows in Chicago to kick off your new year! Come by and enhance your creative life in 2017

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