About Hyde Park Art Center

The Hyde Park Art Center’s Curated Online Artist Database

A:List is an online database created by the Hyde Park Art Center to showcase some of the many artists who have exhibited or taught with us since our establishment in 1939.

With A:List, you can:
Explore: Find out about the wealth of Chicago artists who have exhibited or taught at the HPAC
Search: Investigate specific interests with search features by media, teaching certification, and more
Connect: Contact working artists with commissions, teaching opportunities, or questions

The database includes extensive information about the artists’ professional experiences, images of their work, and contact information to find out more. Artists featured in A:List can update their profiles at any time, so the profiles you view will stay relevant. Each week, the homepage will highlight a different artist who may have an upcoming show or who may be someone you haven’t heard of. Check back often to see what has changed!

If you are an artist who has exhibited or taught with us, please complete your profile. We are available to answer questions by email.

We hope A:List will inspire you to support, discover, and collaborate with these talented artists.

A:List was created as a part of 4833 rph, the Hyde Park Art Center’s new art resource center. In a blending of exhibitions and education, 4833 serves as a gathering place, resource, archive, and program space at the new Hyde Park Art Center. 4833 embodies the Hyde Park Art Center’s vision for itself as a place that not only exhibits and teaches art, but stimulates creativity at all levels. 4833 builds on our history of collaborations with cultural institutions to facilitate creative interactions between students, artists, educators, and people from across the city.

Funding for the development of A:List was provided by the National Endowment for the Arts. Posting of profiles on A:List is at the discretion of the Hyde Park Art Center.