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Basim Magdy's Residency Wraps Up


As told by Residency Coordinator, Ariel Gentalen

Basim Magdy visited the Jackman Goldwasser Residency during the height of summer from July 11th - August 26th. Arriving with his whole family in tow, his residency started promptly with a visit to...


Bob Ross' Happy Trees in Chicago

Check out these cool animated GIF trees made by students in our Plug-In Studio program this month. Chicago's autumnal transition was definitely an inspiration for their digital creations!


We're looking forward to Spring!

Transport 2
Charles Heppner, Transport, 2013, Digital C-Print mounted on plexiglass, 30 x 40 inches

It felt as if we’d never get here, but spring and summer are on our doorstep. We made it. The biting cold slowly but eventually loosened its grip, and daylight...


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