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A Sneak Preview


In the spirit of the season, here's a special preview of a certain something we've been working on. Happy Holidays!


If Tatts Could Talk

Walter Hood's Why am I the only black man without a tattoo?, part of the Close Encounters exhibition, investigates the complex concerns of multi-cultural societies. Hood deals with the frees of appropriation versus the politically correct desire...
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Second Sunday and So Much More!

Visitors had a lot of choices to make when they arrived for Second Sunday this week! Dream catchers, Cornell boxes, and Japanese-style shadow puppets were all on the menu on this jam-packed, art-filled Sunday.smpuppetcvr.jpg In 4833, Japanese puppeteer Noriyuki...

Waiting in Line...

In Line for Close Encounters

It was the last thing anyone expected to happen at a Hyde Park Art Center exhibition opening. For no good reason at all (or so it seemed) people were made to queue single file and subjected to stern questioning before...

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Dialoguing with Dan

sm%20dan%20lect.jpgNovember's Talking Point artist Dan S. Wang opened up a critical dialogue about identity, home, and belonging, issues that he deals with directly in his own artistic practice. In true Talking Point style, Dan came armed with questions for audience...
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Going Once, Going Twice...

Art was literally flying off the walls at this year's annual benefit auction, Just Good Art! Okay, so maybe it wasn't flying, per se, but it was moving pretty darn fast. The night began with easy-breezy meanderings through the gallery; careful...

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