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Collaboration and Casting in the Resident Artist Studios

Bo Brown 5 Qs 043We recently bade a fond farewell to Deniz Gül, our first international resident artist in The Jackman Class of The Residency. Deniz, who hails from Istanbul, arrived in Chicago in mid-September, and spent two months getting to know our city, its art, and its arts and culture community. We'd often run into her around town -- at Second Fridays in Pilsen, Maria's Bar in Bridgeport on a Saturday night, dance performances on Sunday evenings. She immersed herself completely and got to know a lot of places and people that are just pure Chicago -- including our year-long Chicago-based resident artist Jeremiah Hulsebos-Spofford. Now that Thanksgiving is past and we're sure we won't put anyone off their holiday dinner, we can share with you a great moment that took place between the two resident artists shortly before Deniz returned to Turkey. Deniz decided she wanted to learn about Jeremiah's signature casting technique. What was the first object she chose to cast? Read on to find out!

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Mischief Night: We made, we saw, we got a little messy

Img 0796Mischief Night was last Saturday at the Art Center, and wow: What a night it was! With workshops and performances galore, it was a spooky, fun-filled, action-packed nine hours of madness. The Art Center morphed into an artist showcase of epic proportions, highlighting unbelievable work -- not to mention some mind-boggling feats of intoxication -- by dozens of talented artists from around Chicago. We are so thankful to all the artists, volunteers, and community members who helped make the night a smash hit. And for those of us who might have joined in the artists' drinking performances with a little too much zeal, our Visitor Services Intern, Alice Bucknell, has the highlights for us. - Brook Rosini, Marketing & Communications Manager

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Creating Something from Nothing

Martin Creed Challenges the Laws of Physics at the Hyde Park Art Center

by Alice Bucknell, Art Center intern

London-based contemporary artist Martin Creed produces work that hinges somewhere between modernism and conceptualism: while escaping...

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Do fun and play have a place in contemporary art?

Last week, we opened an unusual installation in our 4833rph project space. In partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (and the friendly help of balloon artistry masters Whimsical Expression), we filled half of our community conference room with an installation of hundreds of giant, golden balloons: an art work by British artist Martin Creed. The installation was an instant hit, with staff, board members, and visitors to the Art Center all taking the plunge and swimming through this electric (literally, your hair will stand on end from the static) art work. Not a single person who goes in doesn't laugh -- or, at the very least, smile -- immediately upon being engulfed in a buzzing hive of light-as-air, honey-colored balloons. People have taken countless fun photos, and written lots of intriguing thoughts about what the installation means and how it affects them. And it all points to the question: can contemporary art actually be fun and accessible? You know us:we think it can. And we love having this installation here to help prove it! Read on to learn more about the artist and his work.

- Brook Rosini, Marketing & Communications Manager
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A teaching artist with Perspective

At the Art Center, we do a lot of work in schools and right here on site to help provide arts education programming to Chicago's youth. Today, Teresa Albor, a practicing artist, shares her perspective on her work with one of our outreach programs called Perspectives. In Perspectives, whole classrooms of kids come to the Art Center to get hands-on in our studios, exploring many different kinds of artistic styles, methods, and practices—with the help of a teaching artist like Teresa. Read on to find out what makes this work worth it for her, and head to our Outreach page to learn more about our programs.

- Brook Rosini, Marketing & Communications Manager

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