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Justine Pluvinage: Reflections on Visit #1

Fm Supreme

FM Supreme, Film Still, 2017 

Justine Pluvinage completed the first of her two visits to Chicago as part of the Resilient Images exchange with CRP this past March. During her time in the city, she attended protests, scouted locations for her site-specific video work being created for the HPAC facade, and met a slew of amazing Chicagoans that will appear the film itself - a sneak peek presented with FM Supreme above. After her visit we asked her a few questions to reflect on her experiences.

What was the most surprising thing about your first visit to Chicago? What was one of your favorite experiences during your research visit here?

I think for me the most surprising thing was how huge Chicago is. I knew before coming but knowing and living is not the same. The hugeness of it was both surprising and tiring - but Chicagoans are really so kind.

My favorite experience was perhaps the Donald Trump protest I attended on a very sunny day. Feeling all the good vibes of people wanting to change things - but I also really enjoyed the veggie burgers I ate.

How did the thinking around your project change as you started researching?

I really enjoyed meeting people for my projects, so many interesting people and that is the most surprising thing about my project. I didn't know before I arrived who I was going to meet. My project became a modern western with contemporary warriors - a new narrative structure I didn't intend before I arrived.

How do you think your approach to your second visit will be different?

The next trip will be different at least because I coming in the summer, which I have heard is just so much different than Chicago during the winter. I will also be feeling more comfortable, as it will feel more like home. I hope I will have again, amazing meetings and new surprises. I'm looking forward to see Chicago undressed.


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