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Synchronicity, unicorns, and art(bar)

ArtbarLast month, we embarked on a fantastical journey at our quarterly ARTBAR event, where we unveiled our exhibiting artists as the hard-working human beings they are, revealing that they are not, in fact, rare and mythical beasts like unicorns. Below, Hall of Khan mastermind Jeremiah Hulsebos-Spofford guides us through the synchronicity ofthe sequence of events leading up to ARTBAR, telling us about the event through his eyes.

- Brook Rosini, Marketing & Communications Manager
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Mischief Night: We made, we saw, we got a little messy

Img 0796Mischief Night was last Saturday at the Art Center, and wow: What a night it was! With workshops and performances galore, it was a spooky, fun-filled, action-packed nine hours of madness. The Art Center morphed into an artist showcase of epic proportions, highlighting unbelievable work -- not to mention some mind-boggling feats of intoxication -- by dozens of talented artists from around Chicago. We are so thankful to all the artists, volunteers, and community members who helped make the night a smash hit. And for those of us who might have joined in the artists' drinking performances with a little too much zeal, our Visitor Services Intern, Alice Bucknell, has the highlights for us. - Brook Rosini, Marketing & Communications Manager


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