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Getting to know resident artist Sanjeev Shankar

As part of the Jackman Goldwasser Residency at Hyde Park Art Center, we are thrilled to welcome Indian architect, artist, and designer Sanjeev Shankar, who will spend six weeks in Chicago this summer working in our studios toward an ambitious future project. Interested in anthropology and social philosophy, Shankar hopes to use his background in architecture, science, and design to explore and develop a semi-permanent architectural installation to be potentially cultivated via community participation and hands-on methodology. Shankar looks forward to using his residency as an opportunity to explore this vision as an extension to his previous project in New Dehli, a large and temporary canopy made out of oilcans, titled Jugaad.

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Inside the workspace of resident artist Einat Amir

I was immediately struck by bare quality of Einat Amir’s workspace, so I asked her to describe the materials she brought to her residency studio at the Hyde Park Art Center. “I have brown papers, markers, a laptop, some food, a sketchbook, multiple kinds of chairs, and people and visitors willing to be a part of it,” she described matter-of-factly.
Her studio had no apparent hiding places, but there was still something missing from the space. Artists can choose to make their studio a sanctuary, a space for their unfinished work to stay out of the public eye. But for Einat’s most recent work, this is an impossibility. The public has always been an important part of Amir’s artistic process, and during her time in the Art Center’s Jackman Goldwasser Residency, Amir has been conducting research.

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Meet resident artist Einat Amir!

Tel Aviv-based Einat Amir creates participatory performances and video installations which confront audiences with scenarios that blend reality and fiction, interrogating social and political conventions, and probing the space between audience and actor, self and other. Influenced by psychotherapy, theater, dance and movement, in addition to performance art, Amir’s work is shaped by an interest in socio-political issues we are confronted by on a daily basis. Amir effectively sets reality against fiction and allows the viewer to take the responsibility of establishing and setting their own limits, by creating choices for them to be confronted with and allowing a space for those decisions to play out within the structured event of the performance.

We sat down with Einat Amir to ask her about what artmaking means to her and how her involvement at the Art Center has impacted her practice.

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This is goodbye: Paul Mpagi Sepuya heads back to NY

Blog Post 2 Image 2After a number of weeks at the Art Center and in Chicago, Paul Mpagi Sepuya bids us a fond farewell as he sets his path for a return to New York City. During Paul's time here, he did research, refined projects, explored new ideas, opened his studio to the public, and connected with old and new friends. Read on to hear Paul's thoughts on how his time in Chicago impacted his practice, and whether he thinks he'll come back.

- Brook Rosini, Marketing & Communications Manager
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Get to know New York-based Resident Artist Paul Mpagi Sepuya

Kicking off the 2014 season of the Jackman Goldwasser Residency at Hyde Park Art Center, we're happy to welcome New York-based Paul Mpagi Sepuya for his first visit to Chicago. Concerned with the structure and history of photography, Sepuya asks what it means for artists working with photography to be making portraiture today.

Check out this brief interview to find out about Sepuya's impressions of Chicago and how being here has impacted his practice.

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