Radiant Presence

HPAC Foyer

1 Shan Kelley

Hyde Park Art Center partners with the organization Visual AIDS to recognize Day Without Art. December 2015 marks the 26th anniversary of Visual AIDS' essential Day With(out) Art. This year, Visual AIDS is working with nine influential artists, activists and curators—Bill Arning, Ian Alteveer, Chris Vargas,Rae Lewis-Thornton, Mark S King, Allen Frame, Maria Mejia, Jack Mackenroth, and Kimberly Drew—to present the video program RADIANT PRESENCE.

RADIANT PRESENCE (5 minutes, 2015) is a digital slideshow with images from the Visual AIDS' Artist+ Registry, the largest database of works by artists with HIV/AIDS. At this point in the AIDS epidemic, over 39 million people have died of AIDS-related causes. The nature of the crisis has changed, however, so that nearly just as many people, 36 million, are living with HIV today. In this context, RADIANT PRESENCE showcases the resilience and vitality of Visual AIDS’ Artist Members and their artwork, preserving the radiance of those who have passed while provoking dialogue about the needs and experiences of people living with HIV.

Additional information on our planned 2015 Day With(out) programming can be found here

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