Current Exhibitions

Rapone Rescue Party

Ground Floor

A survey exhibition of multi-media work by promising artists who have recently emerged from Chicago's top level MFA programs in 2013 and 2014.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Art Shop

ArtShop: Collective Possibilities

An exhibition of student work by the Hyde Park Art Center’s ArtShop program cultivating creative talent in a select group of teenagers from South Side area high schools.

Geometric Scent 24in Square

Nature's Matrix

New photography by Charles Heppner and sculpture by Diane Jaderberg.

Nancy Lu Rosenheim

Nancy Lu Rosenheim: Swallow City

A new mixed-media installation that personifies nature in both abject and confectionery terms. 

Giles Tokyo Lo

Susan Giles: Scenic Overlook

Our 2014-2015 Chicago artist in the Jackman Residency Program, Susan Giles debuts a series of large wooden sculptures that alter our perception of the skyscraper.



A group exhibition of contemporary art work influenced by the field of cosmology guest-curated by Steven L. Bridges selected and supported by the Contemporary Art Council.