Current Exhibitions

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Kay Rosen: Don't Look Back

A site-specific wall painting that rewards those who explore the Art Center’s architecture.

Geometric Scent 24in Square

Nature's Matrix

New photography by Charles Heppner and sculpture by Diane Jaderberg.

Nancy Lu Rosenheim

Nancy Lu Rosenheim: Swallow City

A new mixed-media installation that personifies nature in both abject and confectionery terms. 

Giles Tokyo Lo

Susan Giles: Scenic Overlook

Our 2014-2015 Chicago artist in the Jackman Goldwasser Residency Program, Susan Giles debuts a series of large wooden sculptures that alter our perception of the skyscraper.

Upcoming Exhibitions



A group exhibition of contemporary art work influenced by the field of cosmology guest-curated by Steven L. Bridges selected and supported by the Contemporary Art Council.

Ang Ill

Creatures From The Concrete

Graffiti by from the streets of Chicago pours into the Hyde Park Art Center in this large-scale site-specific collaborative piece by notable women artists.

Warm Kitty, Soft Kitty

The artists featured in the show explore aesthetic touch/phenomenology in their work in thoughtful ways – from the very subtle to the overt, from innocent to questionable with a focus on the role of physical empathy.


Daniel Bruttig: Timekeeper

For this solo exhibition, Daniel Bruttig create new sculptures and reliefs combining Cuckoo Clock components and thick paint.

Jefferson Pinder

Chicago-based mixed media and performance artist, Jefferson Pinder asks what psychological or physical substance unites or determines the strength of a race.