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Skin 4 Scout Pare Phillips

Warm Kitty, Soft Kitty

Work by D. Denenge Akpem, Laci Coppins, Alexandria Eregbu, Whitney Huber, Taylor Hokanson and Dieter Kirkwood, Tameka Norris, Betsy Odom, Scout Paré-Phillips (image shown here), Jennifer Ray, Fo Wilson and others.Eliza Bennett, Laci Coppins and Nakia Gordon, Alexandria Eregbu, Isaac Facio and Benedickt Diemer, Whitney Huber, Taylor Hokanson and Dieter Kirkwood, Cole Don Kelley, Barbara Layne. Hiro Murai for Flying Lotus, Tameka J. Norris, Betsy Odom, Scout Paré-Phillips, Jennifer Ray, Aileen Son and Fo Wilson.

Ang Ill

Creatures From The Concrete

Graffiti by from the streets of Chicago pours into the Hyde Park Art Center in this large-scale site-specific collaborative piece by notable women artists.


Daniel Bruttig: Timekeeper

For this solo exhibition, Daniel Bruttig create new sculptures and reliefs combining Cuckoo Clock components and thick paint.

Mc Mullen Out

In Bringing Forth

In Bringing Forth cracks open traditional notions of an artist’s studio practice to expose the underbelly, at once poetic and banal. Alternating between a wide lens and a microscope, artists in In Bringing Forth take a critical (and sometimes irreverent) look at their own approach to developing creative practice.

Stellar Mass 2014 Black Glitter On Wood Detail

Jefferson Pinder:Onyx Odyssey

Chicago-based mixed media and performance artist, Jefferson Pinder asks what psychological or physical substance unites or determines the strength of a race.

Image By N Triplett

The Weight of Rage

An exhibition of art and writing developed in the Prison and Neighborhood Arts Project at Stateville Prison.

Screen Shot 2015 02 06 At 2.49.06 Pm

Sabina Ott: Who Cares For The Sky?

For her solo exhibitions, Sabina Ott presents a new project that pushes a form – a mountain – and mines it to emphasize deeper meaning that lies both atop and underneath the mountains that exist in our daily lives.

10 Red Moon Hargrave

Alice Hargrave: Paradise Wavers

The latest series of large-format photography by Alice Hargrave present a sophisticated relationship between place, color, material, and memory.

03 Burghers Of El Rayo

Rodrigo Lara Zendejas: La Paz

Utilizing clay sculptures, kinetic objects, and sound, Lara will create a new installation that explores the connection between spirituality and physical structure as experienced through handmade altars and gardens.

Postcard Image From Web

Karen Reimer

The new site-specific installation by artist Karen Reimer explores the history of Hyde Park Art Center’s current location by creating simple interventions using everyday materials.

Paul Mpagi Sepuya

Los Angeles/New York-based photographer, Paul M. Sepuya presents the outcome of his 2014 participation in the Jackman Goldwasser Residency, where he researched relationships and fictional explorations of gender and sexuality.