In Bringing Forth

Mc Mullen Untitled

Timothy McMullen, Lid Rip, 2015, Oil on canvas, 58"x48

Gallery 2

Bo Brown 
Deirdre Fox
Tom Gallagher
Stephanie Graham
Natalie Jacobson
Lisa Jenschke
Timothy McMullen
Tim Nickodemus
Jaxon Pallas

Jeannette Tremblay

Artists take a step back from their everyday studio practice to create new artwork that serve as visual metaphors for the routine of art-making in the group exhibition In Bringing Forth. The show features ten artists whose process of making photographs, paintings, sculptures, and performances contradicts the historical image of the Artist working in isolation with steadfast direction. Often, the mistakes and the risky experiments lead to the strongest body of work that bring forth a platform for further discussions and understanding for the artist. 

In Bringing Forth provides the opportunity for these artists affiliated with the Hyde Park Art Center’s school program to think how they would visualize their practice and present new work in response. Through a sheer number of distinct techniques, visual languages and strategies, they open up their decision-making processes from the beginning to end, allowing a wider, more reflected visualization of the inevitable peeks and plateaus intrinsic to art making. These artists invite us to share in the wanderings, wonderings, decisions and discoveries embedded in making their creative way through the world. 

The exhibition includes several events related to the topic of artistic process, including a hands-on workshop led by the exhibiting artists, a curator’s tour with Jeannette Tremblay and visits to the artists’ studios around Chicago planned throughout the run of the show. All of the events are free and open to the public. 

Below are the times for the studio visits. Please email to RSVP and find out the location of the studio visits and other events.

Tim Nickodemus - Saturday, October 24, 3-5 pm

Natalie Jacobson - Sunday, October 25, 1-3 pm

Bo Brown - Sunday, November 1, 1-3 pm

Deirdre Fox - Saturday, November 7, 1-3 pm

Jaxon Pallas - Thursday, November 12, 7-9 pm

Lisa Jenschke - Friday, November 13, 6-8 pm

Timothy McMullen - Saturday, November 14, 1-3 pm

Stephanie Graham - Sunday, December 6, 2-4 pm