Videodance: works from the Centre Pompidou

The crème de la crème of international contemporary art + dance films was featured in Videodance: works from the Centre Pompidou. The Center Pompidou (Paris, France) is a pioneer in commissioning visual artists to work with choreographers to produce a new work for the Pompidou's annual festival titled Vidéodanse. For the first time in the US, these important video works spanning a 25 year history of collaborations between contemporary dance, movement, and visual art with film and video were shown. Videodance consists of a careful selection of video works made by artists from the United States and Europe between 1978 and 2008 presented by the Centre Pompidou. From April to June, the Pompidou Museum becomes alive with public screenings featuring hundreds of films made in collaboration between choreographers, dancers, film makers and video artists. The Art Center featured over 30 works chosen by Michéle Bargue, Vidéodanse curator, and screened in their entirety in a black box gallery.

Pina Bausch, Merce Cunningham, William Forsythe, Anna Halprin, Charles Atlas, John Baldessari, Mona Hatoum, and Isaac Julien were just some of the many artists included in this ambitious program. Videodance was organized in collaboration with the Centre Pompidou Paris France, the cultural services of the French Consulate in Chicago and the Hyde Park Art Center. Image: Le Laveur De Vitres (2001, 26 minutes), choreography by Pina Bausch. Videodance Program: The Videodance program had been arranged chronological order in four parts. Each week featured a separate program of works shown daily beginning at noon in the given order. For an estimated program of running times, please visit the website. This schedule contains estimated times and is subject to change. Private viewing of works is available by appointment Monday through Friday, 9:30 am - 11:45 pm. Please contact Allison Peters Quinn at 773.324.5520 x 1010 to schedule a viewing.

Part I: June 22 - June 28 (with estimated running times) 12:00 pm, 4:46 pm Le Sacre du printemps (1978, 36 minutes) Choreography: Pina Bausch Dance: Tanztheater de Wuppertal avec Malou Airaudo dans le rôle de l'Elue, Anne-Marie Benati, Jo-Anne Endicott, Lutz Förster, Urs Kaufmann, Ed Kortlandt, Beatrice Libonati, Anne Martin, Dominique Mercy, Jan Minarik, Jacques Patarozzi, Arthur Rosenfeld, Meryl Tankard, Christian Trouillas Cinematography: Pit Wekyrich Music: Igor Stravinski 12:35 pm, 5:22 pm May B. (1983, 90 minutes) Choreography: Maguy Marin Dance: Helena Berthelius, Luna Bloomfield, Raymond Brisson, Yank Gerbron de Graval, Christiane Glik, Mychel Lecoq, Maguy Marin, Jean-Marie Rase, Anna Rodriguez, Adolfo Varges, Karine Vyncke Cinematography: Paul-Robin Benhaïoun 2:05 pm, 7:52 pm Changing Parts (1984, 24 minutes) Visual Artist: Mona Hatoum 2:30 pm, Dix anges, portraits (1988, 33 minutes) Choreography: Dominique Bagouet Dance: Jean-Pierre Alvarez, Christian Bourigault, Claire Chancé, Sarah Charrier, Bernard Glandier, Catherine Legrand, Orazio Massaro, Dominique Noel, Sonia Onckelinx, Michele Rust Cinematography: Charles Picq et Dominique Bagouet 3:03 pm, 59 Positions (1992, 21 minutes) Visual Artist: Erwin Wurm 3:24 pm, Le P'tit bal (1993, 4 minutes) Choreography and cinematography: Philippe Decouflé 3:28 pm Smoke (1995, 21 minutes) Choreography and cinematography: Mats Ek 3:49 pm Je m'aime (1995, 4 minutes) Dance: Matthieu Doze Cinematography: Gilles Mussard 3:53 pm 6 Colorful Inside Jobs (1977/1997, 33 minutes) Visual Artist: John Baldessari 4:26 pm Défilé/Performance (1998, 15 minutes) Dance: Majida Khattari 4:41 pm Sonata do mar (1998, 5 minutes) Choreography: Janica Draisma and Albert Jan Van der Stel Cinematography: Janica Draisma

Part II: June 29 - July 5 12:00pm, 5:03pm Abracadabra (1998, 37 minutes) Choreography: Philippe Decouflé Cinematography: Philippe Decouflé and la Cie DCA 12:37pm, 5:40pm Test Room Containing Multiple Stimuli Known to Elicit Curiosity and Manipulatory Responses (1999, 60 minutes) Choreography: Anita Pace Dance: Anita Pace, Carl Bukley Cinematography: Mike Kelley 1:37pm, 6:40pm Trans[e] (2000, 13 minutes) Choreography and dance: Régine Chopinot Cinematography: Sibylle Stürmer 1:50pm, 6:53pm Le Laveur de vitres (2001, 26 minutes) Choreography: Pina Bausch Dance: Rainer Behr, Regina Advento, Stephan Brinckmann, Andrey Berezin, Mechthild Grossmann, Silvia Farias, Na Young Kim, Ditto Miranda Jasifji, Beatrice Libonati, Daphnis Kokkinos, Eddie Martinez, Bernd Marszan, Dominique Mercy, Mélanie Morin, Cristiana Morganti, Pascal Merighi, Helena Pikon, Nazareth Panadero, Jorge Puerta Armanta, Fabien Prioville, Julie Anne Stanzak, Azusa Seyama, Fernando Sutig, Michael Strecker Cinematography: Peter Lindbergh 2:16pm, 7:19pm Fase (2001, 52 minutes) Choreography: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker Dance: Michèle Anne De Mey, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker Cinematography: Thierry De Mey 3:08pm Good for... (2001, 30 minutes) Choreography: Alain Buffard Dance: Alain Buffard, Matthieu Doze, Christian Rizzo, Rachid Ouramdane Cinematography: Rachid Ouramdane Music: Jean-Sébastien Bach 3:38pm Rewind (2002, 5 minutes) Choreography, dance, and cinematography: Jérôme Andrieu 3:43pm Skull* Cult (2002, 24 minutes) Choreography: Christian Rizzo Dance: Rachid Ouramdane Cinematography: Christophe Bargues 4:07pm The Moebius Strip (2002, 26 minutes) Choreography: Gilles Jobin Dance: Christine Bombal, Jean-Pierre Bonomo, Vinciane Gombrowicz, Gilles Jobin, Lola Rubio Cinematography: Vincent Pluss 4:33pm Song and Dance (2003, 30 minutes) Cinematography: Gilles Toutevoix

Part III: July 6 - 12 12:00 pm, 5:08 pm La Ribot distinguida (2003, 63 minutes) Cinematography : Luc Peter 1:03 pm, 6:11 pm The invited (2004, 10 minutes) Choreography: Meg Stuart Dancers : Loup Abramovici, Simone Aughterlony, Joséphine Evrard, Antonija Livingstone, Sam Louwyck, Andreas Müller, Vania Rovisco, Thomas Wodianka Cinematography : Jonathan Inksetter 1:13 pm, 6:21 pm Publique (2004, 52 minutes) Choreography : Mathilde Monnier Dancers : Magali Caillet, Germana Civera, Ondine Cloez, Corinne Garcia, Natacha Kouznetsova, I-fang Lin Lemoisson, Ana sofia Neves Gonçaives, Filiz Sizanli Cinematography : Valérie Urréa 2:05 pm, 7:13 pm The Cost of Living (2004, 35 minutes) Choreography and cinematography : Lloyd Newson Dancers : DV8 Physical Theatre - Eddie Kay, David Toole, Vivien Wood, Tanja Liedtke, Rowan Thorpe, Kareena Oates, Tom Hodgson, Jose Maria Alves, Robin Dingemans, Eddie Nixon 2:40 pm Beautés cachés, sales histoires (2005, 26 minutes) Choreography and cinematography : Robyn Orlin Dancers : Gerard Bester, Rodney Buyeye, Richard Mananela, Toni Morkel, Neli Xaba 3:06 pm Le Cheval (2005, 8 minutes) Choreography, dance and cinematography: Seydou Boro 3:14 pm Blanche-Neige Episode #1 (2005, 14 minutes) Cinematography : Catherine Baÿ 3:28 pm l'homme qui danse / the dancing man (2004, 59 minutes) Cinematography : Rosita Boisseau and Valérie Vrea 4:27pm Fântome Afrique (1005, 15 minutes) Choreography: Stephen Galloway, Vanesa Myrie Cinematography: Isaac Julien 4:42 pm Pond Way (2005, 26 minutes) Choreography : Merce Cunningham Dancers : Lisa Boudreau, Thomas Caley, Holley Farmer, Maydelle Fason, Jean Freebury, David Kulick, Matthew Mohr, Banu Ogan, Daniel Squire, Jeannie Steele, Derry Swan, Robert Swinston et Cheryl Therrien. Cinematography : Charles Atlas

Part IV: July 13 - 20 12:00pm, 5:03pm My lunch with Anna (2005, 58 minutes) Choreography and dance: Anna Halprin and Alain Buffard Cinematography: Alain Buffard 12:58pm, 7:01pm One Flat Thing, Reproduced (2006, 26 minutes) Choreography: William Forsythe Dance: Yoko Ando, Cyril Baldi, Francesca Caroti, Dana Caspersen, Amancio Gonzales, Sang Jijia, David Kern, Prue Lang, Marthe Krummenacher, Loannis Mondafounis, Jone San Martin, Fabrice Maz Liah, Roberta Mosca, Georg Reischi, Christopher Roman, Elizabeth Waterhouse, Ander Zabala Cinematography: Thierry De Mey 1:24pm, 7:27pm Tempus fugit (2005, 26 minutes) Choreography: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui Dance: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Serge-Aimé Coulibaly, Ismelle da Silveira, Lisi Estaias, Damien Jalet, Nam Jin Kim, Christine Leboutte, Ali Ben Lotfi Thabet, Nicolas Vladyslav, Marc Wagemans Cinematography: Anaïs et Olivier Spiro 1:50pm Paso Doble (2006, 40 minutes) Choreography, dance, and cinematography: Josef Nadj and Miquel Barceló 2:30pm Les Messagers (2007, 67 minutes) Visual Artist: Annette Messanger Cinematography: Brigitte Cornand 3:37pm (Not) a Love Song (2008, 86 minutes) Choreography: Alain Buffard Dance: Miguel Gutierrez, Vera Mantero, Claudia Triozzi, Vincent Ségal

***Notes the artworks that will be featured in an excerpted format on the Jackman Goldwasser Catwalk gallery, daily from 8 - 10 pm.