2021 Residency Application

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The Jackman Goldwasser Residency at Hyde Park Art Center connects artists deeply with their own practice in the context of our vibrant, multifaceted community. Each year, our program invites international, national, and Chicago artists and curators to complement their mode of production with increased attention towards reflection, reconnection, and research to spark new ideas and considerations of local and global art practices. 

The Residency takes place in our Guida Family Creative Wing and supports both local and visiting artists and curators, and by linking practitioners from different communities, the program aims to galvanize an international network of artists, curators, academics, arts administrators, educators, practitioners, and researchers who we invite to consider themselves peers and colleagues participating in a conversation that transcends national, cultural, and political boundaries

Residencies for Chicago based artists offer free studio space to make work, research new projects, access the Art Center’s broad international network of artists and resources, and connect with a dynamic public. Programs vary from seasonal to year-long residencies.

Founded with the intention to expand the dialogue between Chicago and the rest of the world, the residency invites visiting artists and curators from around the globe to become part of our community.  These eight week residencies emphasize cross-cultural exchange and authentic dialogue and conversation surrounding international contemporary art practices.

In addition to connecting residents to the diverse range of resources, archives, libraries, artists and other practitioners in Chicago, the program builds relationships with like-minded arts organizations and resident programs around the world to expand our understanding of contemporary practice and create transformative opportunities for artists.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the application process? How can I get a residency at the Art Center?

Unfortunately, we do not accept applications for residencies at this time. We invite artists to participate in residency projects based on their current work and interests. If you would like to be considered for a future residency, please feel free to send us your website.

How do I visit the artists in residence? Can I bring my class to visit a studio?

Yes! We are eager to make connections for our residents to our broad public. We hold Open Studios about once every other month for all current residents. Check our Events page to find out when the next date is scheduled. Otherwise, contact Exhibitions and Residency Coordinator Mariela Acuña at macuna@hydeparkart.org to set up a studio visit or class visit. We also invite you to check in with us about individual artists’ open studio hours, which happen weekly.

Do resident artists have public programming?

Yes, all residents are invited to present their work at Open Studios as well as in Artist Talks. Please check our Events calendar for upcoming residency talks or feel free to reach out to us to learn about upcoming residency public programs. Our programs are always free and open to the public.

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