Toolbox @ Twenty: The Seldoms
Image by Ashley Deran Photography

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Sat 15
Resident Artist Joseph Lefthand guides Center Day visitors through a meditation.

Check out our Artist Talk with AJ McClenon from thier recent solo exhibition, "Notes From VEGA."

Artist AJ McClenon and Hyde Park Art Center Curatorial Fellow, Gervais Marsh, discuss McClenon’s 2021 solo exhibition, Notes From VEGA.

Notes from VEGA is a solo exhibition by artist A.J. McClenon. The exhibition features work from McClenon’s ongoing VEGA series, imagining an aqueous Black future, parallel universes and an escape route fleeing from anti-Blackness, climate change and the destructive forces of capitalism and systemic racism. When the earth is no longer able to sustain their livelihoods and options are limited, they return to water—the source of life. Viewers are invited to take a glimpse into VEGA through sculptures, writings, diagrams, collages and videos that begun during McClenon’s 2019 residency at Hyde Park Art Center.


A community that doesn’t just provide space for diversity, but was built upon it.

Groundbreaking exhibitions that challenge artistic norms & create new spaces for expression.

Workshops, openings, sessions & forums that promote critical inquiry and inspire creativity.


Classes for all ages & experience levels, from drawing & painting to exploratory digital art.

Programs that bring artists from around the world to create & collaborate right here in Chicago.

Ways to be a part of what’s happening at Hyde Park Art Center, in any way that’s right for you.

We bring artists and communities together to support creativity at every level.

Within its facility, the Art Center offers a comprehensive roster of programs that work in concert to make contemporary art more approachable. It does so by involving the community in dynamic engagement with art and artists through exhibitions, artist talks, studio art classes, an international residency program, free public events, and professional development opportunities for artists. Outside its walls, the Art Center’s outreach programs in historically underserved neighborhoods bring the visual arts to Chicago youth, their teachers, and their families.

By developing socially adept programming that finds new ways to engage diverse audiences in the work of Chicago’s artists, the Art Center makes space for transparent interaction with art and the artistic process, inspiring creative exploration and encouraging exchange between audiences and artists.