Alexandra Antoine

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Devin T. Mays

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Aaron Hughes

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Jory Drew

This BAC + Art Center Residency is a partnership between Hyde Park Art Center and the Black Arts Consortium at Northwestern University. Jory Drew January 15 - April 24, 2021Chicago, IL Jory Drew (They/them) is an artist and educator, whose work reckons with the social constructions of race, gender, and love which influence the economic, [...]

Moises Salazar

Moises Salazar January 15 - April 24, 2021Chicago, IL Moises Salazar (they/them) is a non-binary queer artist from Chicago. Being first generation Mexican American has cemented a conflict within Moises Salazar’s political identity, which is the conceptual focus of their practice. Whether addressing queer or immigrant bodies, their practice is tailored to showcasing the trauma, history, [...]

William Estrada

William Estrada January 15, 2021 - December 15, 2021Chicago, IL William Estrada (he/him) grew up in California, Mexico, and Chicago. His teaching and art making practice focus on addressing inequity, migration, historical passivity and cultural recognition in historically marginalized communities. He documents and engages experiences in public spaces to transform, question, and make connections to [...]

Farah Salem

Farah Salem January 15, 2021 - December 15, 2021Chicago, IL Farah Salem (she/her)  is an artist and art therapist from Kuwait, whose photo, performance, and installation practice questions the potential erasure of socio-cultural conditioning, focusing on the gendered nature of trauma as it is embedded within her experiences as an Arab woman. Her studio and [...]

Cecilia Beaven

Cecilia Beaven January 15, 2021 - December 15, 2021Chicago, IL Cecilia Beaven (she/her) is a visual artist and art instructor from Mexico City. Cecilia holds an MFA from SAIC and a BFA from ENPEG La Esmeralda (Mexico City). Cecilia’s multidisciplinary artwork has been shown in solo shows in Mexico City, Houston, and Chicago, as well [...]

Turtel Onli

Turtel OnliJuly 7 - October 3, 2020 Turtle Onli's practice embraces creativity, culture, and commerce. Onli founded B.A.G. the Black Arts Guild to facilitate the transition from youthful talented art students into emerging professionals and life-long visual artists. B.A.G. was also a think-tank where the idea of “Rhythmism” as a future-primitif approach to the visual [...]