Shonna Pryor

This is a Studio #2: Flex Space Residency  Shonna Pryor July 1 - September 30, 2016Chicago, IL Shonna Pryor's practice is a multidisciplinary one which employs food theory and concepts as a vehicle to explore intersections of identity, culture, and politics. She is interested in the various ways food functions not only as a gustatory [...]

Basim Magdy

Basim Magdy July 9 - August 26, 2016Visiting from Basel, Switzerland & Cairo, Egypt Artist Basim Magdy's practice takes many forms including photography, film (Super 8 and 16 mm), installation and work on paper, among others. The work is rooted in observations of the current moment, and characterized by a sense of uncertainty about the [...]

Ayanah Moor

This residency is supported through: Ayanah Moor September 2015 - 2016Chicago, IL Ayanah Moor's interdisciplinary work takes the form of individual action, collaboration and studio practice to mine the history of printmedia. While at the Art Center, Moor hopes to expand the role of dialogue with her practice by investigating the workshop as a form [...]


This is a Studio #2: Flex Space Residency _ture September 2015 – 2016 Chicago, IL _ture is a suffix that provides a for(u)m for ongoing conversation between artists Meghan Moe Beitiks, Marissa Lee Benedict, Liz Ensz and Lindsey French. The artists come together to discuss their overlapping interests in the complexities of sites, systems, ecologies, communication, matter, and relevant social histories. [...]

Sara Black

Sara Black September 2016 - November 2017Chicago, IL Sara Black has worked broadly as an artist, artist-teacher, arts organizer and curator. Within her practice she works both individually and collaboratively. She was a founder of the artist group Material Exchange that was active in Chicago until 2010 where she worked closely with artists John Preus and [...]

Jeremiah Hulsebos-Spofford

Jeremiah Hulsebos-Spofford (b. 1983, Vermont) approaches his practice as a conduit into many worlds, intervening in spheres of activism, art discourse, education, science fiction fandom, and equine technology. Recently he attended Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, and received an MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a BFA from Bard College in New […]