Nikki Patin

Nikki Patin December 2019 - February 2020Chicago, IL Nikki Patin is a writer, performer, and educator whose practice addresses issues of body image, sexual assault, and the needs of the LGBT community. Nikki has presented hundreds of workshops and performances at elementary schools, high schools, and universities over her two decade career, including addressing the [...]

Joelle Mercedes

Joelle Mercedes March - May 2020Chicago, IL Joelle Mercedes is an artist and educator who has presented works in various forms at: TrueQué Residencia Artística (Ayampe, Ecuador), ACRE Projects, Links Hall, Chicago Cultural Center, Compound Yellow, Roman Susan, Threewalls, Sherman Park Branch Library, Hyde Park Arts Center, Sullivan Galleries (Chicago), Lynden Sculpture Garden Gallery (Milwaukee) [...]

AJ McClenon

AJ McClenon September - November 2019Chicago, IL Originally from Washington D.C, A.J. McClenon grew up in “D.C. proper,” Baltimore and New York during the administrations of Reagan, Clinton, and Bush. A.J.’s work sets personal narratives alongside empirical data, leveling the hierarchies of truth. A.J. holds a Masters in Fine Arts from the School of the [...]

Zakkiyyah Najeebah

Zakkiyyah Najeebah October 2019 - December 4, 2020Chicago, IL Zakkiyyah Najeebah is a Chicago-based visual artist, educator, and independent curator.  While in the Jackman Goldwasser Residency, Zakkiyyah plans to experiment with print making, photography and digital media to address the politics and aesthetic values of representation, inclusivity, black womanhood, queerness, family histories, and collective narratives. [...]

Chris Pappan

Chris Pappan October 2019 - December 4, 2020Chicago, IL Chris Pappan is an artist of Kanza, Osage and Lakota descent. His cited influences are Heavy Metal and Juxtapoz magazines, and the Lowbrow art movement with its cultural roots in 1970s underground comics, punk, and hot rod cultures.  His art reflects the dominant culture’s distorted perceptions [...]

Selma Banich

This residency is the first of a three-year partnership between the Art Center and CEC ArtsLink. Selma Banich October - November 2019Visiting from Croatia From Zagreb, Croatia, Selma Banich is an artist, social activist, community organizer, wageworker and a happy housewife based in Zagreb, Croatia. She has made work independently and in collaboration with other artists, [...]

Elnaz Javani

This is a Studio #2: Flex Space Residency  Elnaz Javani June 1 - August 31, 2019Chicago, IL Elnaz Javani is an Iranian artist, researcher and educator who creates sculpture, drawing, installation and video that explore themes of female body, trauma and cultural identity. Her practice embraces conceptual strategies and handwork using everyday materials mostly fabric, [...]