Candace Hunter

Program Overview

Candace Hunter

  • June 2021 – December 2021

  • Chicago, IL

The memory of being a fearless, spirit filled little girl, fuels most of the work that I do. That joyous, magical time is something that I want to capture and give back to my audience. Sometimes in words, sometimes in video, but most often in collage. Joy and truth.

For the past 18 months, during stay-at-home orders and our country’s season of civil unrest, I began to create a series of collages that celebrated that inner joy while also keeping an eye on action and protest. The Brown Limbed Girls were born. Nearly half of the series was created here at the Hyde Park Art Center and now I am embarking on a collaborative effort to bring performance with bodies and words to these images.

I hope that all work that I do, celebrates the best in me/in you, while always speaking truth. This truth is what has allowed me to be a 2020 recipient of the Tim and Helen Family Foundation Award, the 2016 3Arts Awardee and the 2014 Diasporal Rhythms Award.