Christine Forni

Christine Forni


Christine Forni

“In my new paintings I capture light though glass, porcelain, minerals and paint skins. I’ve pulled from a hybrid of my past memories and skills using my archive of small porcelain sculptures made during residencies at the Comparative Anatomy Gallery in Paris and École du Breuil d’Horticulture.There I studied the naturalists’ collections of plant fossils and animal bones. While examining the relics of distant eras, I was struck by the realization that all life has souls, intertwined together, carrying a memory of the past forward. All we have to do is look closely enough to experience it.”

Christine Forni is a painter and sculptor examining links between human behavior and the natural world. Her work focuses on environmental compassion through poetic connections of habitat, alchemy, anthropology, and memory. Forni holds a BFA from Paris College of Art. She has exhibited at venues including Ueno Royal Japanese Art Museum and Awagami Paper Museum, Japan; DeCordova Sculpture Museum, Massachusetts; Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago; Museo Franz Mayer, Mexico City; Museo Internazionale Italia Arte and Museo di Scienze Naturali, Torino; and the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art. Forni was invited to speak and exhibit her work at the Academia Romania, on the phenomena of design and evolution in nature. Her botanical sculpture and drawing installationsevolved during residencies at École du Breuil d’Horticulture and at the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, where she studied Parisian gardeners’ organization of plants and drew enlarged microscopic details of specimens amassed by naturalists during colonial exploration.
Her new work simultaneously bridges both painting and sculpture evoking a visual echo of slide specimens enlarged to many times their normal size, and eloquently point to the
observation and analysis play in this artist’s practice.





$300 - $5,000

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