Dawn Liddicoat

Not Just Another Pretty Face 2019

Program Overview


Dawn Liddicoat

I’m interested in pairing with a patron to create a unique Venus figurine just for him/her. I have created many Venus figurines from clay that are specific to the individual I create them for.  While I’m away from the studio, I am not working in clay, but am drawing Venus figures with ink, prismacolor pencils, and other media. It’s an exploratory process, evolving as I work. I also have a number of completed ceramic Venus figurines which I could pair with a drawing, if desired. 


I’m also willing to sell some previously created sculptures and hand-built ceramic pieces, depending upon what the patron is looking for. My sculptures are figurative, usually created working from live models.  My ceramic pieces are hand-built, rough-hewn structures or vessels incorporating an abundance of texture and color, inspired by the enduring nature of the earth and sea, and human interaction with this power.





$150 - $2,300

For more information or to commission a unique work of art through Not Just Another Pretty Face, contact Maria Nelson at mnelson@hydeparkart.org or 773.324.5520 x1014.