Juan Angel Chavez

Not Just Another Pretty Face 2019

Program Overview


Juan Angel Chavez

My approach to these commissions is to create a sensational or sentimental description rather than actual portraiture. I work with lots of different materials that imbed in wooden textures to create an atmosphere that describes a moment or a subject matter. For NJAPF, I would like to propose the same approach to this type of work but focus more on a personal description or a familiar moment. In past NJAPF projects I visited the home of the patron and made an object with mirrors that reflected their daily life. In other occasion, I’ve explored an abandoned building for materials to be included in the work. I’m interested in creating unique objects that are memorable of a peculiar moment or experience.







For more information or to commission a unique work of art through Not Just Another Pretty Face, contact Maria Nelson at mnelson@hydeparkart.org or 773.324.5520 x1014.