Leila Tamari

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Leila Tamari

  • January – December 2024
  • Chicago, IL

Leila Tamari’s artistic practice currently explores belonging through relationship to place, identity, and money. Her work derives meaning through the relationships she develops, which are created through collaboration and facilitation. She aspires to cultivate a culture of care; so love and play are essential ingredients in her creative endeavors. Some of her past collaborations include exchange/value, The Sistah Friends Project, Hyperopia: 20/30 Vision, and Contracts with Ourselves.

Leila carries a lineage of people who were the displaced, as well as the displacers. Her heritage spans African and Jewish diasporas, and as the daughter of immigrants, one of her lifelong quests is coming into deeper understanding and relationship to “home.” She is interested in creating pathways to reparations through place-based re-investment, and she is curious about how art will lead us there.

Leila founded This Place Works (TPW) – her creative home and consultancy – to live into the many expressions of her art practice. At TPW, she takes on various roles from artist coach, cultural strategist/advisor, organizational healer/facilitator, and more. Her professional experience spans organizing, public art production, and wealth redistribution.

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