Lora Fosberg

Lora Fosberg


Lora Fosberg

Lora Fosberg is a Chicago based artist whose works have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Her focus is painting, printmaking, and recently sculpture. Her work is focused on representing the now in whatever form that takes. She is currently represented by Linda Warren Projects in Chicago and Jack Fischer Gallery in San Franciso.

Fosberg utilizes metaphor, iconography, and narrative in her work to express the complexities as well as the banalities of our existence. Her work succeeds in creating a universal language using symbols, iconography, and text.

Her process is anthropological: objects and events are experienced, assembled, and recorded. The subjects are the intricacies and intimacies of life: memories, emotions, and our relationship with each other as well as with the natural world. The specific and the generalized, the personal and the universal, all hold equal importance in her work.

Appearing repeatedly throughout her practice are isolated, lonesome moments and epic disasters, alternated with quiet instances of bliss, and scenes of collective rebuilding and symbolic growth.








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