Madeline Gallucci

Madeline Gallucci


Madeline Gallucci

I examine how societal expectations result in both anxieties and celebrations of revealing our authentic selves. I pull inspiration from internet beauty tutorials and melodrama films where mirrors and screens serve as sites of illusion and personal transformation. By combining oil and acrylic painting with materials like velvet, earrings, plastic and insulation foam, I call into question the function of decoration and utility in how we think about our outward appearance.
Since I work primarily in painting and sculpture, the options for commissions can range from a custom singular work to a larger, more complex installation. I see this as a rich opportunity to respond to a specific space depending on the desires of the patron.






For more information or to commission a unique work of art through Not Just Another Pretty Face, contact Marina Vulinovic at or 773-324-5520 ext. 1006.