Michel Nono

In collaboration with:

Michel Nono

  • March 14 – April 16, 2016
  • Visiting from Puerto Rico

Michel Nonó joins the residency between March 14 – April 16 from San Juan, Puerto Rico where her artistic interests span emancipatory education, political theater, and local food and alternative medicine practices. Along with her sister, Nonó is part of Las Nietas de Nonó, a performance collective that also organizes an alternative art and community space called Patio Taller in their grandfather’s old house. Patio Taller has a performance space, garden, educational programming, a DIY artist residency and an open door policy for neighbors, who share everything from gardening duties to responsibilities caring for chickens and a communal horse they acquired as shared transport.

While in Chicago Nonó will explore the intersection between performance and agriculture, working with the process of fermentation to develop a new living material to create objects.

This residency is in connection with Beta-Local, an experimental arts organization in San Juan that supports the production of artistic and aesthetic inquiry through education, exhibition, and production programs.



Michel Nono joined the Art Center as the Jackman Goldwasser Resident and spent several weeks here, from March 14 – April 16, connecting her interests in local food politics and homeopathic healing to the city’s artistic and cultural scene. While in residence, she visited sites and projects including Experimental Station, Sweetwater Foundation, Graham Foundation, Dorchester Art & Housing Collaborative, and The Plant. Nono also completed studio visits, gathered artists for informal discussions, brewed kombucha, and presented a collaborative performance work with her sister to mark the end of her residency at the Center.

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