Minouk Lim


Minouk Lim

  • Winter 2013
  • Visiting from Seoul, South Korea

Gaining international recognition for an oeuvre consisting primarily of video works based on performative events, Lim has emerged as one of the keenest observers of the often turbulent, social, economic, and political dynamics of the contemporary Korean experience. Born in Daejeon, South Korea, Lim lives and works in Seoul. The city provides both backdrop and context for performative events the artist stages in public areas, which she then documents in her signature video-based work



Minouk Lim presented a new work FireCliff 4_Chicago at the University of Chicago’s Logan Center for the Arts. This one-night only performance is the culmination of Seoul-based Lim’s one-month residency at the Art Center and the latest in the FireCliff series, which the artist has presented in Madrid (2010), Seoul (2011), and Minneapolis (2012). For this special performance Lim collaborates with Chicago jazz and blues musician Chris Foreman exploring the possibilities for perception beyond visual observation. This immersive performance, which remixes political speech, sound, and image, attempts to articulate what cannot be seen, to make sayable the invisible. In a climate characterized by uncertainty—economic, social, or psychic—how do we forge a path? What does it mean to envision the future in the absence of images?

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