Ross Sawyers

Not Just Another Pretty Face 2019

Program Overview


Ross Sawyers

I am interested in making photographs that abstract the notion of space and engage in a conversation that references my traditional notions of dwellings and living space in a more subtle and ancillary way. I am drawn to the earliest periods of art history including cave art and how those marks and drawings chronicled events, lives and histories on the walls of the caves our earliest ancestors called home. Although in the past, I have incorporated mark making in many of my photographs to imply the human presence, drawing and mark making have become a much more central part of my process. I find that it is critical that I continue to explore the relationship between the spaces I am constructing and the marks and drawings I am incorporating into them as these elements become as important as the space itself. The spaces I am currently constructing and photographing loosely reference both prehistoric caves and the art found in them as well as Favelas found in many South American cities. The resulting photographs are an attempt to bridge past and present in order to suggest a future in which living space takes a radical departure from what has become the norm in 21st century America.






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