Ruben Aguirre

Ruben Aguirre


Ruben Aguirre

Ruben Aguirre (b. 1979, Chicago, IL) is a Chicago based painter who is expanding on the roots of style writing with a non narrative approach to mural painting. His interest lies in drawing attention to underutilized infrastructure as a potential substrate. He has produced a number of murals in the Chicago area, across the U.S., and abroad. Aguirre’s work is an intersection of abstract graffiti, formalism, and mural painting. His work is informed by architecture and plays with re-imagining public space, while investigating pattern, hard edge painting, and color field through the use of the spray can, with traces of typographic letter structure from his graffiti roots. He has exhibited in The National Museum of Mexican Art, the Chicago Cultural Center, and in the Hyde Park Art Center. His work has been covered by the Atlantic, and the Washington Post. Aguirre’s public works have been commissioned for schools, residential spaces, private businesses, as well as various neighborhood development organizations, and clients such as Adidas, Linked IN, and McGraw Hill.





$500 - $10,000

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