Tulika Ladsariya

Tulika Ladsariya


Tulika Ladsariya

Trained in painting, Tulika Ladsariya often works with acrylics, and is frequently drawn to objects associated with traditional women’s work using domesticity and nurture to discuss fragility, beauty, femininity, identity, and personal history. Her practice evolved from painting to ceramics and mixed media installations as she began to focus on domestic objects in the feminine sphere. Handwork and gardening labor became totems of the small everyday rituals that ground, smooth over, and center women’s lives. Ladsariya often involves her mother and her daughter as participants in her work to create familial collaborations through generations. Born in Mumbai, India and living in Chicago, USA for the past decade, her work is an exploration of her layered identity – as an Indian-born woman, a first-generation immigrant, and a mother.

Ladsariya is a qualified Chartered Accountant from India, and her artistic practice has largely been self-motivated and driven, supported by workshops in art centers and residency programs. She serves in the arts community in Chicago through Artist/ Mother groups, as a voluntary board member for cultural organizations, and works in the arts administration and teaching fields on a contractual basis.

Her commission approach involves working with patrons to identify aspects of her work that draw them in and forge connections with their identity and aesthetic sensibilities. Her goal with a finished piece is to create a work that requires nurture and forges deep connection and conversation with the viewer.






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