Yoonshin Park

Yoonshin Park


Yoonshin Park


“Tied”, the title of the installation, is a phonetic pun on the rising tides and the paper pages bound by threads.
As the water rises and falls, pages of our daily experience add and subtract to and from our memory.

Our daily life permeates our memory just as the ink is absorbed into each page and create new shapes and patterns onto what once was a clean slate of a blank page.
In ‘Tied’ series, I used handmade papers, pen ink, threads, and fabric; common materials used in book binding. Papers are cut into strips, dyed in ink and sewn together on a sheet of starched muslin.
Deciding on the “ingredients” for the series was a conscious one. Medium or material I use dictates the direction in developing my ideas. In this series, maintaining the very original function of these material was a guiding line for the progress of the series.


Finding Space

Abstracted from my journey, Finding Space narrates how surrounding environments are perceived through a stranger’s lens.

As a foreign transplant, the continuous and unavoidable contemplation of the sense of existence and being transient and uncertain about being outside my native country has been immanent while carrying on my practice. Along with those underlying thoughts, my steady interest in seeking material integrity and what revolves around the chosen materials has been guiding me to work on creating experiential projects when vocabulary is not enough nor suitable to convey subtle cultural and social nuances.

Since the installation’s first public appearance, multiple layers of dialogue have accumulated from the audience and my reflection on the process.







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