65+ Education


Our art-based programs, workshops, and events for 65+ appeal to a wide variety of abilities and interests.

Hyde Park Art Center strives to develop a creative community in which everyone has a voice. We are committed to life-long learning through skill-based participatory art making classes and workshops. These offerings provide the 65 + community an opportunity to express themselves through the arts and/or as Artists.

Programs & Special Events

By opening up existing courses and creating special workshops and events, we cultivate a social aspect that encourages the 65+ age group to come in contact with new and interesting people and ideas. Enjoy our vibrant community by joining a class, workshop or event, and work with artists of every age and skill level to have a meaningful artistic experience.

Artful Aging, 11AM-1PM

A collaboration between Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago Hyde Park Village, Off the Pews, and University of Chicago SHARE Network, Artful Aging seeks to expose the 65+ community to the arts. Come to one of our drop-ins to make crafts in a casual and social environment, take one of our classes if you are interested in further developing your skills, or just get involved in our community through our other events.

Upcoming Events

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a class at Hyde Park Art Center?

We accept registrations online, in person and over the phone.

Click here to register online.

You can also visit us at the front desk during our business hours or give us a call at 773.324.5520 to register for a class.

Do you offer financial aid for classes?

With the goal of making our programs accessible, Hyde Park Art Center offers a limited amount of financial aid for Youth and Adult Programs and Classes.

Hyde Park Art Center offers need-based financial aid to qualified students and families. Financial aid is limited and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Early submission is highly encouraged.

Full Tuition Awards: HPAC offers 3 full tuition awards each term (does not apply to Creativity Camps).

  • To be considered for a full tuition award, applications must be submitted by the early registration deadline (see Course catalog for date).
  • Award decisions will be based on 1) financial need and 2) thoughtfulness of responses.
  • Recipients have 1 week from the award date to register; otherwise, the award is forfeited. Applicants who have forfeited their award are not eligible for aid until the following term.
  • Recipients must not miss more than 2 classes for a 10 week course or 1 class for a 5 week course. Failure to attend will result in ineligibility for financial aid for 4 terms.
  • Applicants may receive only 1 full tuition award per year.
  • Applicants not chosen for a full tuition award may be eligible for a half tuition award.


Half-tuition awards: A limited number of half-tuition awards will be available each term, including Creativity Camps.

  • Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, as funds allow.
  • Award is applicable only to the courses/programs listed on the application for that quarter. A new application must be submitted for additional courses.
  • Award decisions will be based on financial need.
  • Recipients have 1 week from the award date to register; otherwise, the award is forfeited. Applicants who have forfeited their award may not apply again until the following term.
  • Students who wish to renew aid must reapply each term.


To apply, complete the form below in full. Alternatively, forms can be returned to Eileen Truong, Finance & Operations Manager, at the front desk or by e-mail at etruong@hydeparkart.org. Applications must be received by the early registration deadline to be considered for a full-tuition award. Each student requesting aid must submit a separate form. Financial aid recipients must reapply each session for continued assistance and must complete the entire 10-week session to be eligible for future awards.

For more information about art courses, financial aid, and registration discounts please contact our Finance & Operations Manager, Eileen Truong at etruong@hydeparkart.org or 773-324-5520 x1016.

What are Community-Supported Programs?

In addition to financial aid, we also offer Community-Supported Programs.

ART FOR EVERYONE! In community-supported programs, there’s no minimum required tuition to participate. We ask that students and families contribute what you can. Your contributions help support program costs such as teaching artists, supplies, and space. We thank you for contributing as generously as you can to this creative community!

Find our current community-supported program offerings here

Interested in volunteering or contributing in other ways? Let us know!

Do I need to bring my own art supplies, or are they included in the cost?

All basic supplies are included for the introductory-level classes. Teaching artists may give out additional recommended supply lists for special projects, and for intermediate and advanced classes.

Can I Use The Studios If I'm Not Enrolled In A Class?

Unfortunately not. Studio and equipment usage is reserved for class-takers only.

Can I Donate My Old Art Supplies And Equipment?

Thank you for thinking of us! While we appreciate your generosity, we have very limited space for donations. Please contact Allison Cochrane, our Studio Programs Coordinator, at acochrane@hydeparkart.org to find out whether we are able to accept what you’ve got.