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Teaching Artist Studio Space

We are pleased to accept applications for Hyde Park Art Center Teaching Artist Studio Space, located in the Guida Family Creative Wing. This opportunity aims to support and push studio practice beyond the classroom. Teaching Artists are encouraged to think specifically about how this opportunity could benefit their practice, and more broadly about how their time in the studio may connect to the Art Center community and larger art landscape.

Current Teaching Artist Studio Space Resident:
Spring 2018 – Mary Young

Previous Teaching Artist Studio Space Residents Include:
Fall 2015 – Candice Latimer, Gilda Clark
Spring 2016 – Carris Adams, Amanda Williams
Fall 2016 – Rhonda Wheatley, Randall Miller, Julian Williams
Spring 2017 РGwen Zabicki, Udita Upadhyaya
Fall 2017 – Dawn Brennan, Dorian Sylvain
Winter 2018- Mary Young
Spring/Summer 2018- Stephen Flemister, Cecil McDonald Jr.

In the application form below you may choose from one of the frameworks for studio use, or propose a different use altogether.