Outreach Programs

Hyde Park Art Center provides 1,200 K – 8 Chicago Public School students with weekly visual-arts learning in their schools through Pathways and other arts-education outreach. These thriving programs reinforce curricula within schools and engage Chicago’s youth in learning positive life skills, creative problem solving, and high-quality visual-art techniques.

The 2018/19 school year by the numbers:
• Partnerships with 13 South Side schools (schools listed below)
• Teaching artist residencies in 46 classrooms
• 10 teaching artists deliver the arts education, typically in collaboration with the school’s teachers
• 1,200 elementary and middle-school students receive weekly arts education

Pathways Program

At its core, Pathways is composed of Teaching Artist residencies in elementary and middle-school classrooms. Through Pathways K – 8, the Art Center provides subsidized arts education and works collaboratively with classroom teachers to develop curricula that enable students in under-resourced schools to express themselves creatively. From classroom instruction to field trips and free courses at the Art Center, Pathways provides essential visual arts learning for students in Chicago’s South Side.

Pathways was developed for students in public schools who often have limited or no access to visual arts education. Many schools in our surrounding communities lack the capacity to provide such programing without partners like Hyde Park Art Center, which is why Pathways Program matters to so many. Separate from students, Pathways also provides professional development support for our Teaching Artists throughout the calendar year, which results in growth and development at many levels, for students, Teaching Artists, and schools.

After eight years of providing arts education to South Side youth, Pathways continues to leverage the Art Center’s unique programmatic offerings and close critical gaps in arts learning for students in neighborhoods that have historically experienced disinvestment in arts education. As the Art Center has developed relationships with schools, principals, and faculty, Pathways has evolved and adjusted to fit arts education needs and opportunities as they arise. The Art Center provides a variety of programming options to meet our partner school’s needs. Many factors in schools change year to year, such as budget cuts, principal and staff turnover, school closures, and the CPS arts plan. To address this ever-shifting environment, the Art Center provides programming that fits the needs for each school in each school year. Offering multiple models for engagement, the Art Center has never worked with more South Side schools and students.

While models vary school to school and classroom to classroom, each of models includes Teaching Artists working with classroom teachers to align Pathways arts instruction and existing classroom lesson plans with state standards for visual-arts learning. These Teaching Artists receive thorough professional development training, in addition to observing classrooms before integrating visual arts instruction into the students’ curriculum.

Customized Outreach—Community and School Partnerships

To learn more about Hyde Park Art Center’s arts education outreach, including how to bring these programs to your school or organization or to arrange a field trip to Hyde Park Art Center for students, please contact Partnerships Manager Gregory Smith at gsmith@hydeparkart.org or 773-324-5520 x1002.

Hyde Park Art Center currently serves young artists in the following elementary and middle schools:

Akiba Schechter
Beethoven School
Beulah Shoesmith Elementary School
Bronzeville Classical Academy
Columbia Explorers Academy
Jackie Robinson Elementary
Kenwood Academic Center
Kozminski Community Academy
Lenart Elementary Regional Gifted Center
James E. McDade Classical School
North Kenwood/Oakland Charter School
Ray Elementary School
Woodlawn Charter School

Hyde Park Art Center has also worked with the following schools in the past:

Amelia Earhart School
Beasley Academic Center
Bret Harte Science & Magnet Cluster School
Burke Elementary School
Cameron Elementary School
Cantor Middle School
Donoghue Charter School
Holy Family Ministry School
James R Doolittle Jr Elementary School
Murray Language Academy
Nicholson Technology Academy
Perspectives Charter Schools
Rush Day School
South Loop Elementary School
The Ancona School

Support for Pathways is provided by: Crown Family Philanthropy, Lloyd A. Fry Foundation, Polk Bros. Foundation and from community members like you.

Education programs are also made possible by the generosity of Hyde Park Art Center’s Advocates: Stephanie Comer & Rob Craigie, Martin Friedman & Peggy Casey Friedman, Brooke Hummer & Grove Mower, Jill & Michael Lowe, Lauren Moltz & John Clement, Robert & Kathleen Sullivan, Linda Erf Swift, Melissa Weber & Jay Dandy, and Karen G. Wilson.