An Untitled Selection from Chicago Photographers

Featured Artists

Steve Gross, Alice Hargrave, Laura Letinsky, Lupus, Michael Moreth, Andy Moss, Jenny Pickering, Peter Rosenbaum, Paul Rosin, and Laura Sorrondeguy.

  • June 2, 1996 – July 3, 1996
  • The Del Prado

Curated by Ted StanguaAn Untitled Selection From Chicago Photographers brought together ten local emerging and established photographers who worked with black and white and color photography. The artists in the exhibition worked in the realm of portraiture, documentation, travel and street photography. These historical and traditional genres held a contemporary point of view particular to the artists own conceptual intent.

Lupus‘ work used a narrative form to draw the viewer into his nostalgia based work. Laura Sorrondeguy staged psychodramas in her color prints entitled Perturbation that were also narrative in nature. Laura Letinsky‘s photographs depicted couples in emotionally uncomfortable and sometimes explicit situations. Elements of fashion photography were apparent in Peter Rosenbaum‘s toned and “period” photographs. Alice Hargrave‘s photographs merged the natural world and technology together to represent an expression of emotional experience. Andrew Moss‘ work investigated maps and the places represented by them, through a survey that captured where a city ends and begins. He photographed places where people have named their homes after heroes or historical events, and where sprawling developments collide with other sprawling developments. Steven Gross‘ graphic black and white images captured the contemporary wedding ritual, – the events’ joys, bittersweet sorrows, and the overlooked activities of the periphery.

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