Hyde Park Art Center is proud to celebrate the work of fifty artist-run spaces and organizations that fuel Chicago’s independent art scene in the upcoming exhibition Artists Run Chicago 2.0

To mark the ten-year anniversary of the original Art Center exhibition, Artists Run Chicago (2009), this upcoming exhibition examines the core motivations, trajectories, and philosophies that have made the past decade more generative for new models of artist-run initiatives to exist throughout the city and suburbs. As they did in the 2009 exhibition, participating artists-run spaces have continued to transform storefronts, apartments, warehouses, garages, and nomadic existences into environments in which art can be experienced at its most experimental and critical stage. These spaces challenge conventional expectations of exhibition, discourse, and community, encouraging us to consider the nature of art-devoted spaces and their relationship to each other, as well as the neighborhoods they embrace and the artists they support.

Public Media Institute and Sixty Inches from Center are partnering with Hyde Park Art Center to produce the exhibition publication as a component of the spring issue of LUMPEN Magazine, distributed for free in many art galleries, museums and cultural venues across Chicago.

Free public programming accompanies this exhibition, including: opening afternoon performances, workshops, bike tours, and events throughout the city at the artist-run spaces held in conjunction with the exhibition. Visit the website in March for dates and full descriptions.

Artist Run Chicago 2.0 is organized by Noah Hanna and Allison Peters Quinn with contributions from Max Guy and Andi Crist. Logo provided by JNL design, Chicago.

Read media coverage of Artists Run Chicago 2.0 here.

Header image: Installation view of installation by ADDS DONNA. Image by Tran Tran.

URGENT PANDEMIC UPDATE: Artist-run galleries and project spaces rely on a number of resources to fund the critical work they do every day. During this unprecedented moment, spaces are confronted with an even greater challenge to acquire the money needed to stay open and continue to produce the programming and exhibitions that help drive Chicago’s rich artistic ecosystem. Hyde Park Art Center is committed to supporting artist-run spaces and encourage you to explore the links below to donate and support these spaces, so that they can continue their missions for years to come. 

ACRE Projects


Compound Yellow

Devening Projects


Roman Susan

Roots & Culture

VGA Gallery

September 1 – November 1, 2020
Gallery 1, 2, 5, the Cleve Carney Gallery,
Kanter McCormick Gallery & Jackman Goldwasser Catwalk Gallery
Our exhibition will be FREE and open for viewing by reservations and limited walk-ins from September 1 to November 2, 2020.
Book your ticket now! For more information or to make a reservation, please follow the links below:


062, 4th Ward Project Space, 65Grand, ACRE Projects, Adds Donna, AMFM, Annas, Apparatus Projects,
Bad At Sports, Blanc Gallery, boundary,Chicago Art Department, Chuquimarca, Cleaner Gallery + Projects, Clutch, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Comfort Station, Compound Yellow, D Gallery, Devening Projects, Document, Experimental Sound Studio, F4F, The Franklin, Heaven Gallery, Iceberg Projects, Ignition Project Space, Julius Caesar, Lawrence and Clark, LVL3, Mujeres Mutantes, Ohklahomo, The Nightingale Cinema, Practise, Prairie, Roman Susan, Roots & Culture, Rootwork Gallery, The Silver Room, Slow, The Suburban, Sweet Water Foundation, table, Terrain Exhibitions, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Trunk Show, TRQPITECA, VGA Gallery, Wedge Projects, and Western Pole.

Artists Run Chicago 2.0

Presenting artwork by:

Kristin Abhalter Smith, Jerome Acks, Alberto Aguilar, Madeleine Aguilar, Robert Aiosa, Macus Alonso, Carmen Amengual, Janina Anderson, Kayla Anderson, Brian Andrews, Isabelle Arvers & DUO b, Claire Ashley, Jeffrey Austin, Gregory Bae, Marie Baldwin,Tony  Balko and Marina Balko, DK Bardsley, Johannes Barfield and Stephanie J. Woods, Jim Barry, Sarah Bastress, Hannah Bates, Rebecca Beachy and Christine Wallers, Aimée Beaubien, Yesenia Bello, Kyle Bellucci Johanson, Sarah Bernat, Iris Bernblum, Emma Bilyeu, Deborah Boardman, Kim Boldt, Juliana Riska, Loraine Stary, and Dorian Reunkrilerk, Remi Bordas and Olivia Juarez, Kate Bowen, Ellington Bramwell, Alden Burke, Ally Fouts, Stephanie Koch and Adia Sykes, Chris Bradley, Phyllis Bramson, Judith Brotman, Stella Brown, Robert Burnier, Ryan Burns, Caravana Mx Team, Marian Carow, Teresita Carson Valdez, Jon Cates and Jake Elliot with Ei Jane Janet Lin, Jon Chambers, Lillianna Chavarria, Alicia Chester, Chanel Chiffon Thomas, HyeGyeong Choi, Beata Chrzanowska, Colectivo Multipolar, Joestine Con-ui, Paté Conaway, Guy Connors and Paul Kenneth, Considered to be Allies (Mie Frederikke Fischer Christensen and Margaux Parillaud with Coley Mixan, Hannah Patterson), Alika Cooper, Joel Corelitz, Sara Cortés, Cqqchifruit, Julien Creuzet, Chelsea Culprit, Laura Davis, Dana DeGiulio, Design Apprentices at Art+Public Life at UChicago Arts, Lindsey Dezman, Josh Dihle, Brandon Doby, Jory Drew, Meg Duguid, Jason Dunda, Eseosa Edebiri, Marcelo Eli, Danny Epstein, Alexandria Eregbu, Hope Esser, Marianne Fairbanks, Adam Farcus, eric fleischauer, Stephen Flemister, Peter Fleps, Danny Floyd, Whit Forrester, Deirdre Fox, Krista Franklin, Free Write Arts & Literacy, Judith Geichman, Jon Geiger, Aron Gent, Jane Georges, Veronica Giraldo-Puente, Abi Gonzales, Silvia Inés Gonzalez, Jacob Goudreault, Michelle Grabner, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Diana Guerrero-Maciá, Dan Gunn, Tracie D. Hall, Kate Hampel and Christina McClelland, Jessica Harvey, Amira Hegazy, Robert Chase Heishman, Kent Henderson, John Henley, David Heo, Andres L. Hernandez, Kendall Hill, Lin Hixson, Gabe Holcombe,Amy Honchell, Cathy Hsiao, Catherine Hu, Li-Ming Hu, Michael Hunter and Rachel Niffenegger, Thomas Huston, Ficus Interfaith, Sam Jaffe, Kevin Jennings, Lisa Jenschke, Alejandro Jimenéz Flores, Andre Keichian, J. Kent, Em Kettner, Lily Kind, Thomas Kong, Anna Kunz, Ben Kurstin, La Spacer, Nick Lally, Rodrigo Lara Zendejas, Sterling Lawrence, Dud Lawson, Patricia Leal, Diego Leclery, Haerim Lee, B. Len, Tony Lewis, Chris Little, Caroline Liu, Damon Locks, Vidushi Lohia, Knut LSG Hybinette, Thomas Lucas, Jorge Lucero, Bao Luong, Heather MacKenzie, Duncan Mackenzie, Laura Mackin, Naomi Martinez, Christopher Sonny Martinez, Paula Matthusen, AJ McClenon, Angus McCullough, Bobbi Meier, Roland Miller, Adam Milner, Allen Moore, Andrew Moore, Ian Moore, Nina Morrisey and Peter Paul, Holly Murkerson, Mujeres Mutantes, Zakkiyyah Najeebah, Alexander Narinskiy,
Andrew Natale, Erin Jane Nelson, Matt Nichols, Betsy Odom, Ed Oh, Open Engagement, Sabina Ott, Kasia Ozga, Baden Pailthorpe, Margaux Parillaud and Mie Frederikke Fischer Christensen, Yoonshin Park, Susan Pasowics, Adriana Peña, Ryan Peter Miller, Jason Pickleman, George Porteus, Puppies Puppies, Laura Ramirez, Rachel Reuter, Sarah H.Reynolds, Liz Roberts, Angelica Robles, Shelby Rodeffer, Marta Rodriguez Maleck, Sam Rolfes, Paul Rosero Contreras, Georgie Roxby Smith, Alison Ruttan, Karmel Sabri, Cecilia Salama, Farah Salem, Delilah D. Salgado, Etta Sandry, Roland Santana, Jimmy Schaus, Rory Scott, Pallavi Sen, Galina Shevchenko, Kate Sierzputowski, Bradley Simmons, Jenn Smith, Paul Gerard Somers, Edra Soto, Misael Soto, Janie Stamm, Nicholas Steindorf, Edyta Stepien, Natalia Sustaita, Erin Sweeny, Ruby T, Gloria Talamantes, Lauren Taylor, Norman Teague, Terrain Biennial 2017-2019 Participants, Marcy Thomas-Burns, Cassie Tompkins, Palle Torson, Angeliki Tsoli, Nick Tuinstra,Unyimeabasi Udoh, Urban Ecology Fellows, Olivia Valentine, Julian Van Der Moere, Paul VerBerg, Natalia Virafuentes, Allison Wade, Erin Washington, Michelle Wasson, Erik Wenzel, Rhonda Whitley, Amanda Williams, Derek Williams, Maggie Wong, John Neff, Huey Copeland, Carrie Schneider, and Rebecca Walz, Stephanie J. Woods & Johannes Barfield, Charlotte Woolf, Jonathan Worcester, Kaylee Wyant, and Cheung Zhiwan.

About Artists Run Chicago (2009)

Chicago has long been known for cultivating a strong entrepreneurial/Do-It-Yourself spirit in business and the arts. The 38 artist-run venues that participated in the exhibition had been responsible for transforming storefronts, sheds, apartments, lofts, industrial warehouses, garages and roving spaces into contemporary art galleries testing the notion of “exhibition” while complicating the definition of art. Coinciding with the Hyde Park Art Center’s 70th anniversary, Artists Run Chicago exhibition reconnected the Art Center to its beginnings as an artist-run space by collaborating with spaces that demonstrated a same dedication to fostering new projects by new artists.

Now a decade later, only six venues survive: 65 Grand, Co-Prospherity Sphere, Devening Projects, Julius Caesar, Roots & Culture, and The Suburban (relocated to Milwaukee). There are several reasons as to why they continue their programs, which we aim to delve into during the 2020 exhibition. Several of the spaces included in Artist Run Chicago 2.0 are celebrating a 10-year anniversary and cite the attention around the early 2000s as a reason for their existence.  All of these spaces have brought a thoughtful focus to their program centered around supporting their fellow artists to experiment, show new work, reach new audiences, and be in conversation with one another, which we hope will influence the next decade of artist-run initiatives.



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