Bad at Sports: Bad @ Reality

Even before stepping into the Hyde Park Art Center, visitors are welcomed by Bad @ Reality (2020), a site-specific AR-interactive mural by Bad at Sports, a Chicago-based, multidisciplinary art collective. A collaboration of Brian Andrews, Ryan Peter Miller, and Duncan MacKenzie, the mural fills the whole wall of the center’s entrance and was presented as part of Artists Run Chicago 2.0, an exhibition that celebrated Chicago’s independent artists and art scene. 

Miller’s black and white illustrations bring bits and pieces of work produced by Chicago artists Jim Duignan, Brendan Fernandes, Michelle Grabner, Kerry James Marshall, Temporary Services, Edra Soto, Jessica Stockholder, and Amanda Williams, together. By scanning the illustrations with the free AR app developed by Andrews, viewers can be immersed in drawings expanding out from the wall and voices of represented artists sharing their perspectives on their own works. 

  • Permanent Installation
  • Entrance Wall

About Bad at Sports

Bad at Sports is a team of artists, intellectuals, and activists dedicated to producing multimedia content that represents artists and the art scene. Over years, the collective’s initial podcast experiment expanded into daily articles, weekly podcasts, art and social projects that featured over 20 principle collaborators in Chicago, San Francisco, and New York City. Founded in 2005 by Duncan MacKenzie, Richard Holland, and Amanda Browder, the collective has been a lot of different people but is currently Brian Andrews, Dana Bassetts, Mark-Staff-Brandl, Amanda Browder, Stephanie Burke, Terri Griffith, Keeley Haftner, Richard Holland, Christopher Hudgens, Claudine Ise, Duncan MacKenzie, Jessie Malmed, Patricia Maloney, Sarah Margolis-Pineo, Nicholas O’Brien, Ryan Peter Miller, Caroline Picard, Abraham Ritchie, Tom Sanford, Randal Szott, and Abigail Satinsky.

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