Broad Shoulders and Brotherly Love

East coast style meets Midwest sensibility in Broad Shoulders and Brotherly Love, a group exhibition of print-based works sampling the archives of two of the most highly respected national non-profit organizations dedicated to innovative techniques and concepts in print media. Both Anchor Graphics (Chicago) and Philagrafika (Philadelphia) selected an outstanding variety of work from the other’s residency program or invitational portfolio collection. This exhibition is held in conjunction with Global Implications, the 2009 Southern Graphics Council Conference happening March 25-29, 2009 at Columbia College Chicago. Digital, silkscreen, and woodcut prints, lithographs, engravings, linocut collages, printed paper constructions, and smoked paper prints presented in this show demonstrate the experimental trends in printmaking today.

James Iannaccone, Assistant to the Director at Anchor Graphics, chose work by the following artists from the Philagrafika Invitational Portfolio program: Charles Burwell, Anthony Campuzano, Joy Feasley, Sherman Fleming, Daniel Heyman, Homer Jackson, Maximillian P. Lawrence, Isaac T. Lin, Jim Houser, Sarah McEneaney, Alice Oh, Diane Pieri, Bruce Pollock, Judith Schaechter, Anne Seidman, Willie Stokes, Jackie Tileston, William Earle Williams, and Ben Woodward. Rebecca Mott, Program Coordinator for the Portfolio Program at Philagraphika, chose work by the following artists from Anchor Graphic’s Artists-In-Residence Program: Lauren Adelman, Amanda Burk, Nicholas Conbere, Lydia Diemer, Joe Immen, John Jacobsmeyer, Lauren Kussro, Cedar Nordbye, Justin Strom and Lenore Thomas, Gayle Tanaka, and Jonathan Thomas.

  • January 18, 2009 – March 29, 2009
  • Gallery 2

Broad Shoulders and Brotherly Love

Featured Artists

Lauren Adelman, Amanda Burk, Charles Burwell, Anthony Campuzano, Nicholas Conbere, Lydia Diemer, Joy Feasley , Sherman Fleming, Daniel Heyman, Jim Houser, Joe Immen, Homer Jackson, John Jacobsmeyer, Lauren Kussro, Maximillian P. Lawrence, Isaac T. Lin, Sarah McEneaney , Cedar Nordbye, Alice Oh , Diane Pieri, Bruce Pollock, Judith Schaechter, Anne Seidman, Willie Stokes, Justin Strom, Gayle Tanaka, Jonathan Thomas, Lenore Thomas, Jackie Tileston,  William Earle Williams, and Ben Woodward.


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About the Print Media Organizations

Anchor Graphics at Columbia College, Philagrafika, and the Southern Graphics Council are all organizations with missions committed to the sustainability and support of fine art print works. Anchor Graphics aims for the advancement of the fine art of printmaking through artist residencies, exhibitions, lectures, and producing fine art print editions. They encourage education in printmaking through their Print Collectors Club and through public access to the print equipment. Philagrafika advocates for the value of printmedia and its critical role in current art practices through an international contemporary art festival, an annual invitational portfolio, and special projects. The Southern Graphics Council is a non-profit membership organization that works for the advancement of understanding and scholarship of the print, drawing, book and paper arts. The SGC organizes an annual conference to promote dialogue through critical and technical information exchange and includes awards, publications and sponsored exhibitions. For the first time, the conference comes to Chicago and is hosted by Anchor Graphics at Columbia College Chicago.