Compound Fracture

Curated by E.C. Brown, Compound Fracture presented nebulous works that invited microscopic and macroscopic attention. Visitors encountered a network of thematic threads, counterpoints, and deviations- undoubtedly both playful and perverse in its combinations. This show was an extension from a group exhibition shown in the summer of 2000 at the International Museum of Surgical Science, entitled Organic Produce. The exhibition at the International Museum of Surgical Science asked the artists involved to examine the theme of “guts” in terms of human tissues, functioning organs, and mysterious interiors. For the exhibition at the Center curated by E.C. Brown, artists included their original work as starting points. The overall theme of guts remained, but many of the artists expanded upon their original pieces and even worked with outside artists as collaborators and anchors.

  • March 25, 2001 – May 19, 2001
  • The Del Prado

Featured Artists

Carmina Adreuzzi, Janell Baxter, E.C. Brown, Joyce Croft, Paul Dickinson, Marc Fischer, Renee Gory, Carol Jackson, Chuck Jones, Michael O’Connor, Melissa Oreksy, Bruno Richard, Mindy Rose Schwartz, Jeni Swerdlow, and Micki Tschur.

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