Culture and Identity: Works by Recent Emigres

Featured Artists

Carlos Gil-Roig, Andrei Rabodzeenko, and Jacqueline Terrassa.

  • February 12, 1995 – March 11, 1995
  • The Del Prado

Curated by Lia Alexopoulous, this exhibition showcased work by three artists who recently emigrated to the United States. Through video and works on paper the artists in this exhibition examined issues related to personal experience, time, space, movement. Jacqueline Terrassa, a recent emigre from Puerto Rico, exhibited paintings and drawings of abstracted figures in different spatial arrangements. The artist’s concern lied in the exploration of physical space and its relationship to identity. Through the juxtapositions of personal and public spaces, architecture and the figurative form and the difference between inside and outside spaces the artist tried to convey a physical and mental experience of space. The work of Andrei Rabodzeenko talked about the idea of constantly changing and redefining feeling of self-hood. Coming from the west part of the Soviet Union (today Kyrgyzstan) the artist focused on personal experiences of migration as vehicles through which to examine his own identity. Coming from Spain, artists Carlos Gil-Roig used video photography as a means to translate his journey and comment on his new surrounding.

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