Featured Artists

Judith Geichman, Jonathan Green, Leo Grucza, David W. Hodges, Sandra Perlow, and Cynde Schauper.

  • January 10, 1988 – February 14, 1988
  • The Del Prado

The artists in Dialects, an exhibition curated by Ruth Horwich, communicated their personal visual language through the investigation of formal elements of shape, space and color. Leo Grucza‘s figurative paintings incorporated many desperate elements and influences to create an imaginative narrative. Humor and pathos co-existed,- elements of cartoon imagery and Francis Bacon-like abstraction communicated these varying points of departure. David W. Hodges‘ monochromatic paintings of enigmatic figures, set in stark, stage-like urban interiors communicated a surreal quality between a dream and the awaken state. The miniature works were set as small stage vignettes, and set off in black shadow box panels. Artist Sandra Perlow‘s work similar to Hodges’ explored conscious and unconscious states of being. Perlow drew from concepts found in literature, myth and conflicts between natural and man-made environments. Her work incorporated figures, landscapes, buildings, bridges, and discarded objects. Jonathan Green‘s pastels combined figurative and abstract elements. Organic sources, reminiscent of African carvings, were infused with the artists use of bold colors. Judith Geichman‘s large paintings incorporated abstract elements as well. Geichman’s paintings through their abstraction revealed, and formed the spiritual content in her work. The inspirational images of the paintings originated from the artist’s exploration and transformation of mysterious figurative gestures. The large format of the works added a mythological grandeur to their appeal. Cynde Schauper‘s acrylic paintings on paper were inspired by an investigation into the dynamics of murder. While not specifically about murder, the paintings expressed the power struggles that occurred within the complexities of human existence.

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