Disparate Elements

Featured Artists

Judith Alberte Kasen, Janet Carkeek, Barbara Cooper, Sarah B. Fields, Susan Graf Berkowitz, Martha Holt, Christine O’Connor, and Jeff Worna.

  • February 3, 1988 – March 27, 1988
  • The Del Prado

Curated by Ruth HorwichDisparate Elements presented the work of eight artists who used a variety of materials to create objects that expressed their own particular artistic intentions. Susan Berkowitz produced monochrome wall pieces with woven materials, ink drawings and transfers. Berkowitz’s complicated surface textures were the result of her use of varied materials. Janet Carkeek‘s work also emphasized contrasting surface textures. Wooden boards and pieces of plywood were used as supports for her delicate drawings in ink and pastels. The coloring mediums were used to create the illusion of depth in her work, and also emphasized the grain of the wood used as a support. Barbara Cooper used wood and steel elements to create sculptural works that illustrated expressionistic gestures in three dimensional form. Sarah Fields produced surreal sculptures with found objects. Martha Holt used polychromed ceramics to create sculptures and relief works that derived their forms from natural sources. Judith Kasen produced abstract patterns with graphite and paint that were composed of several attached pieces of wood. Kasen’s patterning suggested the breakdown of traditional illusions of space. Christine O’Connor‘s sculptures of painted wood and mixed media were of religious themes. The paint applied to the sculptures were built up to such an extent that it produced a decorative and tangible surface texture. Jeff Wrona combined found objects and various materials to form objects which gained their expressive character through a process of free association.

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