Doug Ischar and Achim Wollscheid in conjunction with the Experimental Sound Studio’s Outer Ear Festival

Curated by The Experimental Sound Studio, the second annual Outer Ear Festival of Sound was a three week festival that featured experimental music, audio art, intermedia performance, radio art, sound poetry, cinema, and sound installation. The festival included evening performances and screenings, a two-week exhibition of sound installations in public spaces, broadcasts of radio works, roundtable discussions with festival artists, and vesting artist workshops.

Hyde Park Art Center hosted two of the 21 artists involved in the 2001 festival. Doug Ischar, an intermedia installation visual artist in sound, video and photography exhibited two sound installation in the Ruth Horwich Gallery, Missed (2) and GroundMissed (2) was made up of a live-feed video of a thin line of dust that was projected on a nearby monitor. The second piece Ground was composed of a parallel structure of multi-channel digital interfaces, amplifiers, and long lines of small speakers laid out on the floor. Both pieces challenged the audience through a process of reduction to acknowledge the significance of the insignificance.

The Center also hosted German artist Achim Wollscheid‘s performance, Communicating Outsiders. Wollscheild is an interdisciplinary artist from Germany who works in installation efforts to reconfigure the experience of architecture through sound and light.

  • November 5, 2001 – November 21, 2001
  • The Del Prado
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