Featured Artists

Sarah Abella, Mathew Blumenthal, Clare Brownlee, Laura Chuck, Christian Denes, Jason Disterhoft, Monica Dyson, Leta Evaskus, Tony Giacomoni, Anne Hunter, Caitlin Kinahan, Elizabeth Lee, John Lee, Kimberley Lewes-Gray, Daniel McGinn, Thomas Michael, Carl Moultrie, Wataru Nakagawa, Sarah Olsen, Dan Persky, March Pilcher, Nancy Rivera, Coleen Sellers, Sandor Simon, Donnan Steele, Debra Stulberg, Kenneth Tai, James Thistlethwaite, James Wynn, Carl Yang, Benjamin Yu, and Robert Zencuch.

  • February 17, 1991 – March 17, 1991
  • The Del Prado

Organized by Ruth Horwich and the University of Chicago Laboratory School Engulfed was an exhibition of 32 pin-hole photographs and personal text made by two Beginning Photography classes from the University of Chicago Laboratory School. Students, ranging in age from 14-18 who represented various racial and ethnic groups, voiced their concerns about the Gulf War. Lead by teacher Liese Ricketts, the projects began with students constructing their cameras in class while listening to live broadcasts of the war, the first to occur in their lifetimes and which, day by day, affects them more closely. In these works students addressed their concerns for the conflict and readjusted themselves daily with the ever changing perspectives they encountered.

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