Fast Forward : Rewind : Play

Fast Forward : Rewind : Play presents a playful and experimental format for an exhibition incorporating artwork, murals, creative exercises, and ideas from Art Center teaching artists, student artists, and youth artists. The Kanter-McCormick Gallery will become a curatorial laboratory for five quick-and-dirty shows proposed by participants involved in the Art Center’s Oakman Clinton School & Studios, engaging the traditional “white cube” gallery as a learning space while highlighting connections among Oakman Clinton School & Studios faculty, students, and the broader Chicago arts community.

The concept for the exhibition arose out of the various opportunities for interaction and engagement between the diverse artist communities that interact with the Hyde Park Art Center’s Oakman Clinton School & Studios. Through an open call, all students and participants in Oakman Clinton School & Studios programs were encouraged to submit project proposals. Proposals were then grouped into complementary sets by Art Center School & Studio Manager Jeannette Tremblay and Art Center Director of Exhbitions & Residency Programs Allison Peters Quinn.

  • May 11, 2014 – August 31, 2014
  • Kanter McCormick Gallery

Fast Forward : Rewind : Play

Travel Log
May 11 – June 1

The opening set of projects engage the timeless quest of mapping personal journeys through visual media. In The Pram Invitational, Kathy Fimreite invites artists to create prams¬—small, utilitarian boats known for their workhorse efficiency—that symbolize their own life experiences. The resulting fleet becomes a tangible metaphor for community. Facilitated by Hardy Schlick, the complementary project in this set, 옥수동: 2012, highlights travel photography by Scott Hemsey. The images record a portrait of a changing urban landscape through the lens of a temporary transplant from the United States living in Korea.

Participating artists include: Sarah Berekely, Marty Burns, Corinna Button, Alisa Caron, Gloria Carrig, Lucy Dallman, Deborah Adams Doering, Glenn Doering, Duey Fimreite, Kathy Fimreite, Michelle Anne Harris, Phillip Hartigan, Jean Hester, Megan Hogan, Mailka Jackson, Lisa Jenschke-Stephens, Gwynne Johnson, Barb Koenen, Heather La Riviere, Ted Micheletti, Jesus Meija + Ruth, Mike Mlekowski, Michael McGuire, Carolyn Pereira, Leon Sarantos, Homa Shojaie, Teresa Silva, Ines Sommer, Donna Terry, Nadine Trumbull, Eric Wall, Megan Williamson, Amy F. Williamson, Phil Wright, Stacia Yeapanis, Young Artists from Sunlight African Community Center; and Scott Hemsey.

Circle in a Square
June 8 – June 22

The circle-in-square motif is an oft-used repeating pattern in American quiltmaking practices. This project, facilitated by Sarah Nishiura, presents a formal exploration of how that iconic motif gets translated into other media through the work of Mie Kongo and James Kao.

Participating artists include: Sarah Nishiura, Mie Kongo, James Kao, Hyde Park Art Center quiltmaking students, and other Chicago quiltmakers.

Not Or, But And
June 29 – July 17

This set of projects looks at the fluid, and at times oppositional, relationship between figurative and abstract practices. With Figurative VS Abstract, Melody Saraniti underscores the inevitable conversation between both camps by inviting painters whose work exists mainly on one side or the other, and then asking those artists to invite their inspirations from across the aisle. The result is pairings that belie imagined antagonisms. For her part, Diane Ponder’s project, Figuratively Speaking, pulls together artists whose works sprout from a place of abstraction but ultimately take a turn toward figuration.

Participating artists include: Larissa Setareh Borteh, Dana DeGiulio, Robin Dluzen, Judith Geichman, Anne Harris, Cameron Harvey, Sarah Hicks, Sarah Hicks, Amanda Joseph, Mike Nudelman, Maria Vergara; and Steve Coenen, Marcelo Eli, Astrid Fuller, Christine LaRue, Sandra Perlow, Judy Petacque, Susan Redeker.

Big Art
July 21 – July 25

With multimedia artist Lee Blalock at the helm, Hyde Park Art Center campers will spend a week investigating the “white cube” gallery as a space for making. They will work together to design and create large-scale drawing and mural projects while learning about color, style, process, site-specific installation, and collaboration.

Participating artists include: Hyde Park Art Center Creativity Campers.

The Playground
August 3 – August 31

For the final pair of projects, John Murphy and Suzanne Sebold investigate the potential of the “white cube” gallery as an alternative space for learning. In Murphy’s project, Play/Pause, he joins Hyde Park Art Center teaching artists to reflect on the commonalities and divergences between the Artist Statement and the Teaching Philosophy, as manifestos of two distinct yet intimately related practices. Sebold’s project, Uncommon Core, investigates how these shared big ideas come into being through the microcosm of an art class with students from North Kenwood/Oakland Charter School.

Participating artists include: Rodrigo Zendejas, Jeremiah Jones, Candice Latimer, Jessi Walsh; and North Kenwood/Oakland Charter School students.



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