Flow Interrupted

Flow Interrupted, an exploratory exhibition of abstract new media art, is curated by LiveBox and includes artists who use computer code, animation, and video editing techniques to create works that celebrate the elegance of mathematical form and the unpredictability of seemingly organic systems.

Flow Interrupted explores abstraction in the context of digital artwork that generates itself. These generative artworks investigate systems and structures as part of the creative process; the artist creates the code, the code in turn creates the art. The element of control, both as a process and format becomes an intrinsic component of the exhibition, as the artist in essence gives up control of the final piece to the systems created by their code. The generative systems reflect the chaos and spontaneity of day-to-day life. Though they embrace digital technology, many of the works selected for Flow Interrupted also display a clear connection to more traditional art forms such as drawing, painting, film, and photography.

For example, drawing, particularly the tradition of doodling, comes alive in artist Brett Ian Balagh’s Chora while Claudia Hart’s Dream and Aaron Higgins’s comp3(terra) evoke the language of painting. LiveBox is a non-for profit entity founded in 2006 by artist, Catherine Forster and dedicated to showing filmic and new media art. It utilizes Chicago and its neighborhoods as a gallery, bringing digital art to the people of Chicago on a roving basis.

LiveBox has produced new media exhibitions and screening events at institutions around the world, including the Hyde Park Art Center, the Around the Coyote, the Guggenheim Gallery at Chapman University (CA),and the directors Lounge Berlin festival.

  • February 1, 2010 – March 1, 2010
  • Gallery 5
Installation view of Flow Interrupted

Featured Artists

Brett Ian Balogh, Luis Felipe Carli, chdh collective (Nicolas Montgermont, Cyrille Henry, & Damien Henry), Gregory Chatonsky, Claudia Hart, Aaron M. Higgins, Terry Nauheim, and Alessandro Perini.


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