HPAC or Bust

Featured Artists

Stephen Anderson, Michael Gamis, Scott Miller, Michael Russick, and Rebecca Wandersee.

  • January 8, 1989 – February 12, 1989
  • The Del Prado

Curated by David Russick, this exhibition featured the work of five relatively unknown artists, all of whom deal with what Russick considered to be portraiture. Stephen Anderson and Michael Gamis concerned themselves with portraits of real people, while the other three Scott Miller, Michael Russick and Rebecca Wandersee invent those who sit for their paintings and drawings.

The artists in the exhibition used a variety of mediums including, tempra on board (Anderson), oil on canvas (Miller and Wandersee), cut/laminated paper (Gamis), and pencil on paper (Russick). Although there were similarities and common devices utilized, each of these artists had developed their own approach. In fact, the artists in this exhibition were for the most part unaware of the work of their fellow exhibitors. That is, they are strangers to each other both personally and artistically. Ultimately it was the dissimilarity of their approaches within the rather narrow confinement of “portraiture” which was of interest to the curator.

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