Incredible Variety: An Exhibition of Current Student Work

The exhibition featured works by Hyde Park Art Center members in a variety of media that included photography, works on paper, paintings, and crafts. The exhibition provided Art Center members the opportunity to exhibit their work in a gallery setting and compete for awards given by a jury. The jurors for the 1989 Member’s Show included William Conger, Artist and Chairman, Department of Art, Northwestern University, and Robbin Lockett, Director, Robbin Lockett Gallery, Chicago.

First Prize Painting: Mary Jane Doyle, and Paulette Hesselfort
Honorable Mention Painting: Greg Miller First Prize Photography: A.H. Schlick
Honorable Mention Photography: Henrietta Zielinski
First Prize Sculpture: Mathias Schergen Honorable Mention: G. Jesse Sadia
First Prize Craft: Nancy Finke and Marilyn Reiter
Honorable Mention Craft: Larry Zgoda
First Prize Drawing/Graphics: Elaine Gentry
Honorable Mention Drawing/Graphics: Peggy Judge Arnold, and Sylvia Ziontz

  • June 11, 1989 – July 2, 1989
  • The Del Prado

Featured Artists

Painting: A.K. “Skip” Allender, James Anderson, Kaye Buchman Pino, Carolyn Carey Jones, Kathryn D. Collins, Peggy B. Dotson, Mary J. Doyle, Nancy Fritz, Anna Post George, Felicia Grant Preston, Kathleen Gordon, Paulette Hesselfort, Jamie Hodge, Sonia Katz, Margeaux Klein, Charles A. Koepke, Elisabeth Mertens, C.A. Meyers, Lynn Meyers, Ruth Michael, Greg Miller, Elaine Morris, Irene Pillars, Judith S. Schild, Alice Shaddle, Mary Rose Shaughnessy, Margaret S. Smith, Paulette Solow, Carole Stodder, Joseph Uhle, Douglas Van Dyke, Hodges Williams III, and Laurie Wohl.

Crafts: Douglas Allchin, Mika Aoyama, Meryl Dann, Sandra Feldman, Nancy Finke, R.L. Jackson, Nicole N Jones, Renne Jones, D. Olson, Jane Overton, Marilyn Reiter, Joan Rothchild Hardin, Natsuko Takehita, and Larry Zgoda.

Drawings/Graphics: Muriel Chandler, Lisa Evans, Amanda Fisk, Elaine Gentry, Tim Haglund, Sheila Hori, Peggy Judge Arnold, Barbara Kashian Gubbins, Catherine Keebler, Setto Levinson, Kriston Lindner, Valerie Richards, Robert M. Schiller, Leah Silbar, Sheila Shocket, Andrew Slobooien, Jane Stevens, and Sylvia Ziontz.

Sculpture: Edgar F. Allin, Shel Howard Beugen, Edward Pino, Cyrilla Power, Eva C. Rousseau, G. Jesse Sadia, Mathias Schergen, and Brent Wall.

Photography: Eliot Lyon, Mitchell S. Rieger, Charles Saltzman, A.H. Schlick, H. Dale Spann, Jr., Peggy Stevens, and Henrietta Zielinski.