Featured Artists

Christopher Romer, G. Jesse Sadia, and Michael Shaughnessy.

  • October 1, 1989 – November 5, 1989
  • The Del Prado

Organized by Ruth Horwich, this group exhibition brought together three artists working in installation efforts who were invited to exhibit their site-specific sculptures/installation at the Center. Artist Christopher Romer fabricated structures that derived from objects filled with both immediate and historical cultural significance. Usually made of wood and other natural materials, his work investigated man’s approach to the physical environment, and the many levels interpretation it can inspire. G. Jesse Sadia‘s enigmatic sculptures were a result of his incorporation of found objects that were indigenous to his personal environment. His choice of materials such as rocks, railroad spikes, or twine, were used as a metaphor for human experience,- a critical factor in directing forms and images in his work. The idiosyncratic method in which he generated his ideas were an extension of his childhood years in the Philippines. Michael Shaughnessy‘s affinity for the specific properties of hay in his site-specific installations revealed a subconscious tie to his rural upbringing. His prevalent use of hay, which he favored for its flexible aesthetic and physical qualities, enhanced his interest in the concept of cycles of regeneration. Former students of the Art Institute of Chicago, both Christopher Romer and G. Jesse Sadia and make their home in Chicago. Michael Shaughnessy received an MFA from Ohio University.

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