Curated by Stuart Keeler and selected by the Contemporary Arts Council (CAC), Interiority is an expanding conceptual art work. It is an investigative means of pushing conceptual ideas of interior / exterior aspects of shared physical space. The main premise is to deconstruct and examine the construct of curatorial practices as a new social framework by extending exhibition prosthetics as works of art. An active contextualizing of the exhibition catalogue and website act as current contemporary art practices, in addition to the gallery exhibition at Hyde Park Art Center. The notion of the Surrealists, and the exquisite corpse was a conceptual experiment of art making – this same concept is the beginning working premise for this exhibition. Interiority seeks to create conversation as a catalyst for making new social connections through contemporary art practices with Chicago artists. An initial set of 6 invited artists will select 3 artists with the Interiority social criteria. These 3 artists are people they do not know, or who have not met, and have admired or responded to the work. From this shortlist of 3 artists, 1 artist will be selected from the Curator and Artist and Committee. Expanding the Chicago art community creating new connections will be a series of social projects, studio visits, exchanges, where process is the highlighted media in the production of the final exhibition and catalogue. The CAC, established in 1994, is an independent arts organization supporting contemporary art and artists in the Chicago area. Its annual exhibitions seek out new and emerging talents as well as established artists.

  • June 10, 2007 – July 29, 2007
  • Kanter McCormick Gallery


Featured Artists

Benjamin Bellas, Amanda Browder, Nick Cave, Justin Cooper, Carol Jackson, Beth Lipman, Inigo Manglano-Ovalle, Kerry James Marshall, Amy Mayfield, Michael Rakowitz, Sumakshi Singh, and LaShawnda Crowe Storm.