Les Chemical Carnales

Featured Artists

Chris Cosnowski, Mark Murphy, Guerra de la Paz, and Bruce Thorn.

  • November 19, 2000 – December 16, 2000
  • The Del Prado

Artist Ed Paschke selected works from four artists, creating and curating exhibition Les Chemical Carnales – The Chemical Brothers. The four chosen artists, Chris Cosnowski, Guerra de la Paz, Mark Murphy, and Bruce Thorn, all work in distinctly different styles, but yet together create a special chemistry or brotherhood. Chris Cosnowski’s paintings “goofily recalled the marble statues of antiquity” through a banal humor and pessimistic attitude. Guerra de la Paz (Neraldo de la Paz and Alain Guerra) exhibited their persona series that appropriated imagery from American pop culture – primarily magazine advertising. Although the work of Chris Cosnowski and Guerra de la Paz varied stylistically, both explored the complexities of the human psyche. Mark Murphy used the familiar shape of the jigsaw puzzle to create paintings he calls “insignificant beauty” – a painting that represents nothing but itself. The final artist, Bruce Thorn painted splintered, rhythmic images reminiscent of kaleidoscope images.

This exhibition was supported by the Playboy Foundation.

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